Feeling Good in PinkBlush + Giveaway!

Being Momma means no longer being first. I’m okay with that. I know it’s just for this season of life. Not that I will ever stop caring or worrying about my children, but I know that at some point they won’t be my sole focus in life. So for now, I’m happy making it all about them. That does not mean though, while I might skip out on a shower and eat more cold meals than hot, that I cannot be wearing cute, comfortable, stylish clothes while wrangling my crew.


Like most mommas, however, after having a baby, I’ve been trying to figure out my post partum body. You’d think with this being my third baby, I’d have this down by now. Except with each baby it changes a little differently and never quite how I expect.

I do not want to sacrifice feeling good and looking good in my own skin. So I’m making the very conscious effort of choosing pieces for my wardrobe that are comfortable and stylish, and most importantly: me.

Also, I know I will be breast-feeding for the next several years, and then some if we have another bambino; so it is really imperative that my wardrobe be functional and adorable for this season of my life right now. Which means that I need clothes that are breast-feeding friendly.


So when PinkBlush sent me this cute, breast-feeding friendly maternity/nursing dress, I was in love. It’s totally my pre-kid style of classy and feminine. It’s a style that I feel comfortable in and makes me feel good about myself.

Added bonus – this maternity/nursing dress  is lightweight enough for me to wear throughout the summer with some sandals, or to pair with leggings for the winter, so I will get optimal use out of it. It’s also easy to dress up or down: perfect for chasing my babes, as well as headed to the theatre with that gorgeous man who gave me these crazy kids.

PinkBlush sells fabulous women’s clothing (even for the most curvaceous of lovelies!), as well as maternity clothing. Much of their maternity clothing is also breastfeeding friendly, and fits the post partum body just right (read: my momma gut is well-hidden).

Whatever season of life you are in – momma or not – I urge you to check out PinkBlush and see what items you need to snag for your wardrobe; I guarantee there will be many!


*** PinkBlush has offered a $50 gift certificate to their store for one of my readers! I’m so excited for you guys!! Anyone can enter: you must comment below what your favorite clothing style is, and share this blog on your facebook page. The lucky winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, August 3, 2016! (Please note: If you have won a PinkBlush gift card in the past three months, you are ineligible for this giveaway.)

The Baby Closet 101

I was so excited to get the mail and find these adorable The Baby Closet 101 leggings waiting for me! Err, Sweet M. He might not fully realize it yet, but he’s a leggings-lover at heart. He’s my child; it’s not fully optional.


These handmade leggings are so silky soft; they’re like a dream to put on. If Sweet M could speak, I am certain he’d agree. Alas, he cannot speak, so I must do all the talking for him.

And let me tell you, he loves them. He’s particularly fond of the tribal elephants (apparently he really like elephants – he told me).


He loves that they can be worn with virtually anything, and will be adorable dressed up or dressed down, depending on what shenanigans he has going on that day.

They’re super well-made and fit easily over his cloth diapered bum with ease, but thanks to the stretchy material, they wouldn’t look baggy over a disposable either.

I chose a size 12 months for my 27″ and roughly 18lb little guy. There is a wee bit of room to grow, but I don’t think I’d have wanted them any smaller.


As you start beefing up your babe’s fall wardrobe, I cannot recommend The Baby Closet 101 enough. Grab a few in different prints for your little guy or gal, and pair them with some cute tees (they offer a variety of matching onesies and hats that you’ll want to snatch up!), and he’ll be the swankiest dude on the block. And trust me, those are the things your baby is dreaming about at night.



Ellery Jane Boutique

When Sweet M was born I vowed that I would not resign myself to your typical baby boy clothes.


I’m not a huge fan of the most traditional clothes that baby boys are dressed in: sports, big trucks, puppy dogs.

I like fun things: dinosaurs, robots, wild animals, feathers and arrows, and tiny-man clothes. I’m a lover of all colors, but candy shoppe colors really do it for me (you should see the walls in my house!).

So when I came across Ellery Jane Boutique, it’s no surprise it was love at first sight.


We are mega legging lovers over here. They’re cute, simple, and versatile. They fit the skinniest of babes and kids (and mommas!) as well as the chunkulicious ones without a hitch. Plus, I don’t have to switch the size my baby can fit in if we are travelling and not using a cloth diaper, which is always a good bonus.

When Mr. B was a babe I always had to buy his leggings from the “girl” section. Boys just didn’t wear leggings. But even now he prefers leggings for the functionality and comfortability over jeans any day. Now, however, it’s slowly getting easier to find “boy” leggings.

Ellery Jane Boutique makes adorable, custom,  handmade clothes for both girls and boys. Her dresses and ruffle pants are to die for. But what caught my heart were her organic animal leggings – elephants, bears, deer, oh my! And they come in beautiful, fun colors!


Sweet M is the proud owner of elephant leggings in pool blue (the entryway in my house is nearly the exact same color!). I was crushing hard on them. The second they arrived in the mail I couldn’t get them on him fast enough to see how adorable they were on!

The leggings are fantastically handmade. You can tell it’s a labor of love for sure. The material is durable and soft, perfect for a baby M who will be wearing these while learning how to crawl!


M is solidly in 6-12 months clothing at 18lbs and 27″ long, so I went with 12 months sized leggings to be safe. They are a wee bit long, but they cuff perfectly, which actually works to my benefit because he will get extra long use out of them.


And I super love that they’re made out of organic material. There is nothing better than feeling good about the material I’m putting on my baby.

So if you’re shopping for some new duds for your little man (or lady!), or in the market for a baby gift, Ellery Jane Boutique has you covered. Sweet M is definitely a fan!