Kolekole Trail

One hike here in Oahu that I read about and knew we wanted to check out was the Kolekole Trail at Schofield Barracks.

It was touted as being a fairly easy hike (and I haven’t bought proper hiking shoes yet, I’m totaling Birkenstocking it right now), semi-shades (remember the heat and my Norwegian blood?), and the views were promised to breathtaking (aren’t they all here, though?).

The only catch was that Kolekole Trail is only open for hiking a handful of times throughout the year. 

Well, wasn’t it our luck that it was open over the 4th of July weekend then? 

I knew we needed to take advantage of this trail asap because who knows what may or may not happen throughout the year, and I definitely didn’t want to miss this opportunity. 

So Sunday we loaded up the kids and headed to the other side of the island for another day of fun in the great outdoors. 

The hike up was fairly steep in some places, but that didn’t hold anyone back. Not J with a napping Sweet M on his back. Not me and my big ol’ pregnant belly. Not Miss H in her dress (you can totally hike in a dress!). And not Mr. B who insisted he didn’t like hiking and yet was sprinting like a tazmaninan devil all over the place, light years ahead of us all. 

We were so rewarded on this hike with various look out points. Each one gorgeous. 

I actually had a dream a few nights ago that Mr. B fell off a cliff. Like, plop! It just happened and there was nothing to be done. I woke up in a cold sweat all panicky because it was one of those dreams that seemed real. So most of this hike I was just biting my tongue really hard because suddenly it was all I could think of and I didn’t want to ruin his fun when he was clearly safe at all times. 

We got to one look out point that was breath taking. A gentleman was flying his  quadcopter, which the kids and J (okay, especially J) thought was really cool. 

We sallyforthed further and were of course rewarded. 

This island, y’all. I apologize if I just spend the next year gushing about how pretty this place is.

I’m not sure which view is better here: the amazing landscape or the amazing man wearing his sleeping toddler.

On our way back down we came upon a guy with his two dogs. The larger dog lunged for Mr. B. He slightly scratched him but if B hadn’t had such great reflexes, he’d easily be missing a chunk of his face right now. J and I were super calm, although the owner was quite blasé about the whole situation when J kindly, but firmly suggested he either keep his dog on a shorter leash or not bring him out around people. 

We didn’t want the kids to be scared suddenly of dogs by stating the very scary relating of the situation in the terms that the dog realistically could have badly hurt or even killed B in a split second. But we did make it a learning experience and talk to them about how it’s situations like this that we’ve always taught them to ask first before ever approaching someone’s animal, and to also never approach a stray or wild animal. 

We also discussed with them why it was so important that if they ever own an animal they really know their animal’s temperament and if the animal gets anxious, scared, aggressive, etc., around certain people or all people because it would be their job to protect their animal both from such an unfortunate situation, as well as making sure all other people are safe because in the event where an animal injures a human, especially a child, it is not uncommon for it to be required that the animal be put down. And what a tragic situation that would be, especially if they knew the animal got scared around people and was just reacting instinctually. 

Needless to say, Miss H was horrified and heartbroken by such a thought, but if (when…) they do finally get a pet one day, you can bet they will be so well-prepared. 

After the hike we ventured to a nearby coffee bean farm and sampled some tea and played in the coffee bean trees. 

We then finished our day off at home by chalk dyeing two little kids’ hair that were over the moon delighted that their momma said yes. 

It’s true, I’ve not been terribly fun since we moved here. I’ve been so focused on other things and trying to make this transition easy for them that I think I’ve been making it significantly harder. I want everything to be normal and great and happy, and obviously big changes aren’t instantaneously dreamy. But this stuff doesn’t really come with a full proof manual, so I’m basically making it up as I go at this point. 

But they’re going to be okay. I’m going to be okay. And I know this move is such a great thing for our family. Nothing good in life comes without challenges.  

A Week In Our New Home

We got the keys to our house last Friday. So today officially marks the end of a full week here. Seven days.

In so many ways, it feels like we’ve been here for an eternity. And in other ways, it feels like we’ve hardly been here at all.

The house is adorable. It’s small and quaint; a robust 800 ft.². But there are two bedrooms, a bathroom, and kitchen, plus living space, so it works. It’s enough. And I am such a believer of letting things be enough in the season.

The folks who rented it before us were very religious. So I’m finding all kinds of interesting scripture verses along doorways and on the walls. The little ones in the doorways are hardly noticeable unless you truly know. But one huge one they had on the main living room wall, they did try to repaint. But it bleeds through and you can still read the scripture verse that was there.

I don’t mind the godliness; I am Catholic after all. But I don’t like the aesthetics of it.

There’s a quaint front yard with a perfect climbing tree for the kids. They spend a lot of time there. And quite a large backyard with lots of room to run and play. And a coconut tree; which hopefully doesn’t bluegeon someone to death when falling to the ground.

There is no air conditioning, which is definitely taking some getting used to for my Norwegian blood. Despite being up on a mountain and having some amazing tradewinds, it still gets hot and stuffy inside during peak hours. In the afternoon it can often be warmer inside and outside. And at night it actually gets cold. Go figure.

In general, the people here are all extremely kind. Our neighbkra are fantastic. They made us a homemade mango cake and leant us a table and chairs to borrow  until our stuff arrives.

Which, oh, by the way, we won’t have our possessions until roughly July 24. Yes. You read that right. That’s a long time to live on air mattresses and with paper plates, ha ha.

Oh, and only one vehicle.

We got lucky and our van arrived and made it through customs yesterday. So we picked up in the late afternoon. Which was a much needed blessing for the kids and I. It offered us the opportunity to get out of the house and get familiar with the town since we’ve been stuck in the house while J is at work. We will have to figure something out once he returns the rental car tomorrow thoug because I’m not very willing to give him the van back until the end of July.  I am not cut out to sit in the house all day long. Mentally, I will go downhill fast.

But we discovered the public library, we toured the YMCA, which I’m on the fence about because despite my best intents, I never used it while we were in Indiana either. And then the kids twisted my arm and we went out to eat. OK, it took them all of saying “hey, let’s go there!” Because the most affordable groceries here are Costco. Which means we’re buying everything in bulk. Which means we’ve been eating the same chicken and sweet potatoes for a week now. 

But by golly, they were the three sweetest angel children having dinner with me. 

This cutie sat in the high chair for the whole meal AND threw nothing on the floor. That never happens!

It rains a lot. But I feel like it mirrors my feelings at times. It doesn’t pour, but a light drizzle here and there throughout the day. And it does rain throughout most of the night. It’s needed and refreshing, and definitely helps keep the edge off the heat.

And every drizzle is always accompanied with an amazing rainbow in our backyard. So who could ever complain about that?

We spent one day hiking at the national park right up the mountain from us. It took us about 35 minutes to walk there, without a baby carrier or stroller. And Sweet M walked the whole way. He even walked the whole hike other than his 45 minute nap. We were out and about walking for over four hours. My back ached a little after it was all over, but it was definitely the outside we needed.

Driving here is way easier than I anticipated. Despite being a huge city, it’s not bad. It does get busy, but people are pretty courteous.
Next week I finally meet with my midwife. We also arranged to tour the birthing center, but it’s about an hour away so it seems unlikely for many reasons that ut would ever work for us. An hour away just seems too long to be in the car in labor, and I’m not certain mentally I could ever be okay and not stressed out giving birth anywhere other than my home. Homebirth isn’t for everyone, and I totally respect that, but the idea of being anywhere where I’m not 100% in control of myself, my body, and my baby, just gives me a lot of anxiety.

Today we ventured to the beach. Morgan learned to say the word “duck.” His vocabulary has really taken off since getting tubes in his ears. He was never “behind” developmentally, but there is some reassurance hearing him be more on part to where his siblings were verbally at this age. 

I really wish I could properly photograph them in the beach and in the ocean. But, someone obviously has to watch them, and right now this has been a one woman show every time we’ve been. Maybe this weekend. Because all three of their faces are nothing but pure joy in the water. It needs to be captured.

After Sweer M took a nap we explored a local place called the Art Explorium that’s only about a mile from our house. For five dollars a kid, they could make all the trash, er, art that their hearts could possibly desire.

And per usual our evening ended with a rainbow (after eating a chicken and sweet potato frittata, hah).

I’ve definitely been feeling the isolation here. Despite being an introvert, I thrive on being out of the house, and talking to at least someone. But the only adult I talk to most days is my husband. And though he’s amazing, he doesn’t get home until after 6 PM. When we are waking up before 6AM that can make for a long day. 

But really, it’s beautiful here. The views are breathtaking. I know once we have our possessions and are officially settled in things will get easier. Transitions are hard. Transitions with kids are harder. But the experience is worth it and the kiddos are thriving and really, that’s what is most important right now. 

Our Last Day of Our Hawaiian “Vacation”

We are here. In Hawai’i. On the island of Oahu, making Honolulu our hometown. I’ll make a seperate post later just about the getting here. It was…interesting.

We arrived Sunday afternoon (night for us). It was sunny and humid and hot and immediately my kids were melting. 

I could tell they were all ready questioning their parents wisdom and if we really made this leap with their best interests at heart (we did). Because who drags you away from everything you know so that you can literally melt? 

We quickly remedied their worries by the beach. 

Because how can you question anything when your life consists of the beach?

Monday was a holiday so J didn’t have to dive into work quite yet.

We spent the day getting familiar with our surroundings.

We got a Costco membership and bought the kiddos some boogie boards. I died over the price of steak in this town ($70/4 pack), but was pleasantly surprised with the price of almond milk ($9.99/3 half gallons). 

I ran into Safeway, the local grocery store, for a pregnant lady potty break and observed that a rotisserie chicken is $10.99! Yo, that’s my go-to healthy, cheap, dinner back in IN when we are in a hurry. And there they’re $5…so…bout that. But I can get two whole organic chickens at Costco for $20 so we will be eating a lot of chicken. Because I will never be a vegetarian because nothing kills my gut quite like beans, and soy freaks me out for reasons I can’t explain. I need my meat. 

I knew that they had a no plastic bag policy, but forgot when packing day came so all of our re-usable bags are currently…somewhere in transit. Walking out of Target lugging 6 ice cold bottles of water was probably a humorous sight for others.

I signed the lease agreement to our house here in Honolulu. It was a very grown up moment for me. I’m nearly 30 with (almost) four kids, but I’ve never signed a lease, ha. Bought a house and a few cars, but never truly rented.

Since we don’t get the keys to our house until Friday, we’ve been staying at the Marriott. We’ve been here a few times, so at least it’s familiar. 

They have the best breakfast, which is saying a lot coming from this girl who isn’t a breakfast person. And Waikiki beach is literally across the street and set up perfectly for kids with a retaining wall to keep out large creatures and prevent strong currents. Plus, the big kids can touch pretty much the whole way, and are both strong swimmers, so I feel comfortable letting them do their thing while I keep an eye on them and play with M. 

We’ve spent lazy mornings on the beach, chilling in the room during the hottest part of the day while M naps and the big kids relish in cable television. And then afternoons back on the beach. 

Y’all, I cannot complain. 

It’s beautiful here. 

There have been meltdowns and tears, some from the kids too, because even good changes are hard; and I know as the “vacation” part of this move ends, things will get a bit more overwhelming before they get normal, but I also know they’ll be so worth it. 

J is all ready fully submersed in work and loving it. And that means so much to me because I’ve seen him when he loves his work and when his work is just a necessity to pay the bills. When he loves it, it’s an awesome thing. 

Tomorrow we take possession of our house. We move the few possessions we currently have into what will be our home. And we start to figure out what life in Honolulu is going to be like for us.

I’d be a liar if I said it wasn’t all a bit daunting, but I’ve never been one to turn down an adventure, and I know this will be such a great experience for our family. 

Disney World!

After our last trip to Disney World when Sweet M was in utero, I’d laughed and said he’d never experience the Disney Magic because the drive was too long. 

Well, joke was on me.

This was the best I could get, ha!

When J had a conference to attend at Shades of Green a week before Sweet M’s birthday, I knew we could not pass up this opportunity because the travel bug is strong in me, no matter how much I try to suppress it. 

I won’t lie, I was a wee bit apprehensive about doing Disney solo with three kidlets, while also being pregnant. It probably didn’t help that before we even left our hotel the first morning, Sweet M wriggled out of my arms while I ordered my coffee and when I turned around he was gone. 

Yep, gone.

Thankfully my heart only stopped for roughly 20 seconds before an older gentleman came walking up with my little munchkin, saying “is this one yours?”

Yep, that’s mine. 

The kids and I spent three days hopping around the parks. Sweet M could ride nearly everything and they all had a blast. 

The big kids really got a kick out of all the characters this go-round. And they were everywhere at Epcot! (And Momma enjoyed 643468 different iced teas.)

And apprehensive Sweet M definitely felt at home with sombrero-wearing Donald and immediately pursued a relationship with him.

The double stroller was a must. It held all of our snacks and diapers, and my tired kids when needed. Sweet M hung out in the baby carrier most of the time, but the stroller was for sure a lifesaver. 

It was such a lovely trip and the kids were so well-behaved, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again solo. What a great way to celebrate a whole year of our little guy! 

***Disclaimer: I was given park hopper tickets in exchange for this post, but all the experiences and opinions are my own. 


We recently ventured to Florida since J had a conference to attend for a week in Orlando: what a bummer, right?

Miss H and Mr. B are downright obsessed with Legos. They put together these huge, elaborate sets like it’s no big deal. I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out how to put Sweet M’s Duplos together, ha. It must be the engineering genes in them.

But I knew LEGOLAND was a must-visit for us.

We’d been to the Discovery Center in Chicago before, but we had no idea what was in store for us at the actual theme park. Boy were they excited!

It was a quick drive to LEGOLAND from where we were staying, and the kids were so tickled with joy they could hardly contain themselves.

We lucked out that we were visiting during non-peak season. I imagine it gets crazy busy over spring break and during the summer; though I’d imagine it would still be just as much fun! The downside to being there in February though was that the waterpark portion wasn’t open. But I guess you have to give up something in exchange for short lines!

I will be honest, there was a lot Mr. B and Miss H couldn’t do without an adult rider even though they were technically tall enough. But since I had Sweet M who was not tall enough, they couldn’t ride. I totally get it, but it was a tad disappointing, although Miss H and Mr. B did not complain about this even once. I was so impressed with how well they handled themselves.

There was still plenty they could enjoy and we easily spent the whole day there.




They were able to ride their very first “real” roller coaster (read: not a “kiddie coaster”). They were so excited about that, and because of the lack of lines, rode it four consecutive times. Oh, did I mention this was a dinosaur roller coaster? Yeah, they were in heaven!


Look at those fearless little front row riders!
By far though, the biggest hit was the new Ninjago World. Mr. B lives and breathes Ninjago. So a whole area dedicated just to it? Score!

There were fun ninja training courses, and they even got to meet one of the Ninjago characters! The best part was the ride was a 4D adventure that Sweet M could partake, where you battle in the Ninjago world while riding through in car. We rode that several times as well.


We opted to splurge and by lunch at the park, though they do allow you to bring your own food in (we brought bottled water). The food was totally on par for theme park food, but I really like hot dogs ( I know, I know!), so you won’t see me complain.

We had such a lovely and amazing time there, and I cannot wait to return in the future when Sweet M and Jelly Bean are bigger because I know this park will be a hit for many years to come!



***Full Dicslaimer: I was given free admission to LEGOLAND Florida for myself and my children in exchange for this review. Everything in this review is my own, genuine thoughts and experiences.


Getting Around with mifold

Watching these sweet babes grow is seriously the most bittersweet thing ever. I’m trying really hard to avoid the fact that Sweet M will be one in less than two weeks. HOW did that happen?

But it’s also so fun to watch them learn and grow and see the amazing little people they are blossoming into. Even though I will admit that some days I want to keep them tiny and in my pocket forever. I know that’s pretty unreasonable though. Mostly…

With Miss H at school these day, carpool is becoming the norm. Her grandpa takes her to school once a week, we drive and chaperone for all the field trips, friends come over for play dates, the list could go on and on. It was becoming more and more necessary that we have a seat a little easier to swap in and out of cars other than her current harnessed booster.

I love the safety of her being in a harness, so it was very important to me that whatever seat we chose for her was equally safe and I felt good about.

After doing a lot of research (you know me, the research queen!), I came to the conclusion that the mifold booster seat met all my desires and necessary criteria.

It is super small and compact, which makes it easy for transport. She can stick in her backpack if someone else is going to pick her up from school with ease, no need for toting around a regular booster seat that is a bit bulky and cumbersome for an almost 7-year-old to tote around (or her momma!)

I also love that Mr. B can use it if needed as he (just barely) meets the seat requirements. He’s 40 pounds even. He got to try it out driving home from Target and I loved that although he’s 5 inches shorter than Miss H, it makes the seat belt fit him perfectly too! I didn’t worry at all about him not being safe and secure because I knew the belt guides were placing the seat belt exactly where it needed to be to keep him safe.


We also travel quite a bit, so it’s nice that I can take this with to have at the end of our destination and not lug around their big seats through the airport. That will save me a lot of arm strength!

Plus, if I need to fit an extra kiddo in our way back, I know this booster will fit between two carseats with ease so no seat will be unusable even with carseats next to it.

I will admit, I was fairly apprehensive about using the mifold at first because it seemed a bit tricky and tedious having to thread the seatbelt into the red hooks on each side and then securing the shoulder strap at the top (which were, however, the very features that made me drawn to this seat – I knew the belt would stay exactly where it needed to be on their hips and across their shoulder without wriggling out of place). Threading the seat belt through the hooks at their hips was super easy, I’m not sure why I worried. Miss H could do it all on her own, and undo it at our destination, fairly easily.


It did take me a few seconds to figure out how to adjust the shoulder strap properly, but once I figured it out it was a breeze. I think Miss H will need a little bit of help the first few times she uses it, but I have no doubt she’ll be able to do it 100% on her own in no time!

I’m so excited about our mifold and the convenience (and safety!) it will add to our lives! It’s definitely a must-have for every busy family with booster seat-ready kiddos!



***Full Disclaimer: I was given a mifold in exchange for this review but all thoughts and opinions are genuinely mine.

A Week in the Dells

You know what’s more difficult than getting my children to brush their teeth?

Getting my husband to take a vacation where he is truly on vacation.

Last fall my dad offered up his timeshare to us and I knew we needed to take advantage of it. We are always so busy, it’s good for us to relax and unwind.

Especially J. He works crazy hard and never takes a moment to just breathe. Which is kind of ironic because he’s the slowest person in the world.

When I asked J where he’d like to go he of course answered “the Carribean.” But that’s currently off the table due to Zika and our desire to reproduce again, so I told him to try again.


I vetoed again. Cold. Blerg. Although snowboarding is his idea of fun, being stuck in a condo with an infant and nothing else to do didn’t seem quite like my idea of fun. Or at least I didn’t want to drive 15 hours one way in order to do it.

I suggested New Orleans.

J was reluctantly on board, but lucked out because there was nothing available during the time we wanted to go.

So I went back to his snowboarding idea and chose Wisconsin Dells. He and the big kids could snowboard, M and I could snuggle, and the drive was only half as far as Colorado.

Added perk: my dad and step mom only live a few hours away, so they were able to come down and spend the weekend with us.

J and the big kids hit the slopes for Miss H and Mr. B’s first snowboarding experience. They absolutely slayed it!

They snowboarded into the night. And that’s saying a lot: despite their Norwegian blood they tend to abhor the cold. But they persevered because they were having so much fun!

Sweet M and I got in lots of one on one time, which is a rare occurrence when you’ve got three kidlets. I don’t think I could ever get my fill of that tiny man and his sweet face.



The kids got lots of pool time. They’re all waterbugs, but admittedly B lamented that he would rather be on the beach in the sand.

Me too, mi amigo. Me too.

We spent a day at Mt. Olympus. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it, although J and I were pleased we had gotten heavily discounted tickets through our resort as we’d have been a bit disappointed if we’d paid full price. The site was very nice and clean, and the staff friendly. I think their primary focus is on their outdoor park which I’m sure is amazing during peak season when it’s open. The inside park was still fun and there were two great waterslides that H and B were able to utilize with an adult. Plus, the actual swimming pool was well heated and enjoyed by all.

An indoor “theme park” was also included in our admittance. A handful of carnival like rides and a play space. They also offered arcade games and rock wall climbing, which we carefully avoided.

Probably the best little gem we found was Wizard Quest. Since so much of the Dells is summertime fun, finding things open and out of the cold was a bit challenging; but we did!

Wizard Quest was this great place set up into four realms: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. There were five quests: one easy, two medium, and two difficult. The kids chose the medium level Earth quest. It was easy enough for us all, working together, to finish, but it definitely took our entire 1.5 hours of time. And we may or may not have had to ask one of the employees for some hints time to time.

The set up was great, and so much hands-on, teamwork fun! We were so busy focused on our task that I didn’t really take any pictures. And the ones I did, as you can see, are super poor quality. Alas, we’ve got the memories!

I would definitely return here, even if it was just a drive through coming or going from my dad’s house.

It was a really fun, relaxing, low key week. Just what the doctor ordered!

Dropping the Ball

Obviously, it took me less than a week to absolutely drop the ball on this new format. But let’s face it, we all knew that was going to happen. 

I got sidetracked with play dates and good friends and packing and ravioli. 

Yes. Ravioli. 

My kids have never experienced ravioli from a can until yesterday. It’s safe to say they love me even more for that grandiose experience. At least Sweet M does.

Now we are off to Wisconsin Dells for a nice leisurely (and COLD!) family vacation. Which means y’all are going to have fun seeing what these tiny crazy humans are up to all week.

The big kids have big aspirations of learning to snowboard. I’m praying this doesn’t mean we use up our FSA in one shot, haha.

I’m envisioning some indoor swim time, lots of reading, and hopefully working on boosting my milk supply that’s seemingly plummeted with M’s day time nursing strike (why couldn’t he have done a nighttime nursing strike?)

Obviously, all of next week will likely be a free for all, but expect lots of pictures and adventures! 

The Holidays in Minnesota

This year we spent the holidays in Minnesota at my dad’s house so that we could spend time with him, as well as my niece and sister in law visiting from California.

Despite having made the firm declaration before H was born that my kids would wake up every Christmas morning in their own house, I’m a sucker for family and can rarely say no. I want for my children to experience all those precious moments and have memories of those family experiences. 

Although most people who know me rarely believe it, I’m a big introvert. Seems kind of comical for a lady who comes from a big family and chooses of her own volition to have a “big” family (I don’t think 3 kids is big, but lots of people have classified us that way, ha). 

Fortunately there are these moments, when I get to sneak away to some solitude in the name of sleep for my youngest. 

Miss H and Mr. B have truly delighted in spending time with their cousin. Sometimes the very best gift you can give someone is time. And I’m truly thankful they get this time. 

The kids got to enjoy an excellent indoor park while here. I got hit with one of the worst stomach bugs I’ve ever experienced in my life, and the day after my dad and sister in law acquired the same bug. So we whisked the kids out for the day in hopes that they could have some peace and rest.

Great Times Park is located in Eagan, MN, and I’m telling you, it’s an absolute shame we don’t have one of these at home. I’d utilize it regularly.

I believe strongly in being outside as often as possible, but sometimes even with correct attire, we just don’t want to be out in the wet or cold. So this truly is a brilliant idea.

We still have one more day left, and I’m so excited for my kids to experience the Mall of America. But I’m also ready for the boss baby to have his king sized bed back. As Miss H said, “Bobo is awfully tiny but he takes up a lot of room.”

Batgirl at Super Hero High

Another 12+ hour drive with three little darlings under my belt. I wish I could say it was a breeze, but…10 month old. 

He hates the car. We only made it an hour before our first stop. I was tempted to turn around then and call it a day. 

But I didn’t.

Instead I put in an audiobook for the big kids and let the baby have the DVD player for a bit. 

I know. I know. 

But 12 hours in the car.

The big kids were more than happy to listen to “Batgirl at Super Hero High” by Lisa Yee. And I was pleasantly surprised myself! 

The audiobook was read by Mae Whitman which was a treat for this Parenthood aficionado. 

The story of Barbara Gordon who becomes Batgirl is fun, complex, and has just enough high tech super villain drama to keep you on your toes. 

Despite being a bit younger than the target audience at 5 and 6, Mr.B and Miss H were intrigued and captivated throughout.

I truly appreciated the parent/child storyline between Batgirl and her father, and the complexities of emotions a parent must go through when they so desperately want to keep their child safe, but also know they must let them soar to their dreams and they cannot, in fact, protect them.

Throughout the story we follow Batgirl as she becomes an official scholar at Super Hero High; as she navigates the rigors of schoolwork, the highs and lows of friendships, and ultimately learns what everyone’s strongest super power is (their brain), and must test hers to its limits to defeat The Calculator. 

We enjoyed this audiobook so much and are eager to pick up another DC Super Hero Girls book and see what adventures await us!

Disclaimer: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.