Back in the Game with Kindred Bravely

I think I’m finally back in the game! 

Bean is 5 weeks old and life is finally starting to fall into place. J is back to work (and frequent travel, boo hiss!), the kids are doing lessons again, and we are eating real food and the house only looks a normal amount of chaos. And I’m slowly preparing to run this marathon in less than two months (say what!?).

Okay, and I’m lost in a sea of laundry, but I’m only a human. 

Bean and I have over come our breastfeeding hurdles; which I knew to expect when she was still in the womb because I’ve dealt with them with each kiddo, getting more and more knowledgeable with each; those darn dairy-sensitive, tongue and lip-tied little darlings of mine. 

One of my absolute favorite products has been my Kindred Bravely attire. I can wear the cute French Terry Nursing Top around the house, and out about. I’ve gotten numerous comments on it by other nursing mommas when I’ve worn it out, and seriously, in this Hawaiian heat, it’s on my list to stock up on more because having lightweight, easy-to-nurse-in tops is a must. 

And, because there is always an “and” right? I can run around in it without a bra (it has a shelved bra built-in), and despite being quite a chesty lady, I don’t feel self conscious at all because it keeps everything contained and supported beautifully!

When I do need to wear a bra under my clothing though, I’m really loving my Marvella Maternity and Nursing Underwire Free T-Shirt Bra. The underwire free is obviously a huge deal – no clogged ducts! Plus, it’s nice to have a sized bra outside of “small, medium, large.” Don’t get me wrong, those stretchy bras that fit a plethora of sizes definitely have their place inthe breastfeeding world (I own several!), but there is just something that makes you feel a little more human on those rough days, knowing you’re wearing the closest thing to a “real” bra as you’re going to while breastfeeding. Only, it’s better than a non-nursing bra because it’s crazy comfortable to boot! 

I didn’t have the pleasure of trying them, but a little birdie (a.k.a my pregnant older sister) also told me that the Kindred Bravely maternity underwear are worth every cent and then some. So those are definitely going on my list of must-haves for the next one. Er, if there is a next one. 

But I have to say the most luxurious product I’ve worn thus far from Kindred Bravely are their pajama! Yall, I currently live in Hawaii. With no air conditoner. I basically lived in my bikini those last few weeks of pregnancy, but there were times I needed to wear more, ha. The Amelia Nursing & Materniry Pajamas are so divine.  They’re light weight and out-of-this-world soft. I didn’t feel hot and gross in them, despite the muggy heat. They covered my huge pregnant body well, and also fit my post partum body comfortably. No need for a size change to get me through the next year (or more…) of night nursing Bean. 

And one little tidbit that makes these pajamas extra special; I was wearing them in one of the very last breastfeeding photos that was taken of Sweet M before he quite unexpectedly decided to wean cold turkey when Bean was born (I have so many feels about that).

As life starts to find its flow now with our newest little addition, I’m so glad that I’ve got great apparel to keep me comfy and feel a little more human as I brave the world as a busy momma of four, who rarely gets to just sit and be unless it’s breastfeeding this sweet babe.

***I received products from Kindred Bravely in exchange for this blog post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are mine and I only advertise for companies that I genuinely love. 

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