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When Sweet M was born I vowed that I would not resign myself to your typical baby boy clothes.


I’m not a huge fan of the most traditional clothes that baby boys are dressed in: sports, big trucks, puppy dogs.

I like fun things: dinosaurs, robots, wild animals, feathers and arrows, and tiny-man clothes. I’m a lover of all colors, but candy shoppe colors really do it for me (you should see the walls in my house!).

So when I came across Ellery Jane Boutique, it’s no surprise it was love at first sight.


We are mega legging lovers over here. They’re cute, simple, and versatile. They fit the skinniest of babes and kids (and mommas!) as well as the chunkulicious ones without a hitch. Plus, I don’t have to switch the size my baby can fit in if we are travelling and not using a cloth diaper, which is always a good bonus.

When Mr. B was a babe I always had to buy his leggings from the “girl” section. Boys just didn’t wear leggings. But even now he prefers leggings for the functionality and comfortability over jeans any day. Now, however, it’s slowly getting easier to find “boy” leggings.

Ellery Jane Boutique makes adorable, custom,  handmade clothes for both girls and boys. Her dresses and ruffle pants are to die for. But what caught my heart were her organic animal leggings – elephants, bears, deer, oh my! And they come in beautiful, fun colors!


Sweet M is the proud owner of elephant leggings in pool blue (the entryway in my house is nearly the exact same color!). I was crushing hard on them. The second they arrived in the mail I couldn’t get them on him fast enough to see how adorable they were on!

The leggings are fantastically handmade. You can tell it’s a labor of love for sure. The material is durable and soft, perfect for a baby M who will be wearing these while learning how to crawl!


M is solidly in 6-12 months clothing at 18lbs and 27″ long, so I went with 12 months sized leggings to be safe. They are a wee bit long, but they cuff perfectly, which actually works to my benefit because he will get extra long use out of them.


And I super love that they’re made out of organic material. There is nothing better than feeling good about the material I’m putting on my baby.

So if you’re shopping for some new duds for your little man (or lady!), or in the market for a baby gift, Ellery Jane Boutique has you covered. Sweet M is definitely a fan!


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