Feeling Energized in Pink Blush + Giveaway!


It’s hard sometimes to feel great during pregnancy.

No one warns you about the exhaustion. Oh my goodness, the exhaustion!

Sure, everyone tells you that you’ll be exhausted once that sweet babe is here, but before then? Nope. No one prepares you for how tiring growing a human is.

With my first babe, I remember thinking it had to be in my head. How could I not even look pregnant and still feel like I could fall asleep the second I sat down (and I did! Often!)?

Now that we are on to baby number four (what!?), I’m more prepared for that deep-in-your-bones-exhaustion-from-growing-a-human. Plus, you know, I’m raising three other kidlets, one of which still doesn’t sleep through the night and uses me as an all day buffet. But good golly, he’s cute!

I mean look at that little face!

Throughout my pregnancies I’ve learned that it is imperative for me to get dressed and feel good about myself each day to help with the exhaustion. It’s crazy what a shower and wearing something other than a pair of pajamas can do for you.

So on the days I’m feeling super depleted and like I will never get my act together, I force myself to look presentable, so I can 180 my day and be the momma my kids need. They don’t seem to care that I’m growing a human and didn’t sleep more than 2 consecutive hours last night. They still want to play at the playground and have books read to them. Oh, and the big one – eat! Can you believe these kids want three balanced meals, plus snacks, every day? Geez Louise.

I like to be comfortable though. That’s essential in my daily life because – three kids. I need to be able to run and play and get down on their level. You’ll likely never see me in a pair of high heels or with a face full of make up because that’s not comfortable for me (my own momma can run in heels! I don’t know how she does it). But I like cute dresses and tunics with leggings that I can wear with sandals and look put together but still super comfortable.

And Pink Blush has a vast array of maternity clothes that allow me just this! I own several articles of clothing from them: maternity clothes, nursing clothes, and just normal wear, as well. I love that they offer amazing options for any stage in life you are at. And every single piece is ridiculously comfortable while also being cute and making me look like I have my life together (I don’t).

Grow, baby, grow!

I super love dresses. There was a time in my life when it was pretty much all I wore. And I’m getting back to that because it’s what I feel most comfortable in (though I’ll never abandon my leggings. I’ll be 80 and still wearing them, ha!). I’ve made an effort to fill my maternity wardrobe with maternity dresses this go-round, since it’s mostly summer clothing I will need (and between me and you, we are relocating somewhere hot soon!).

So wherever you are at in your life: pregnant, post partum, or no where ready to have some littles (and that’s okay!), hop on over to Pink Blush and check out their awesome and super comfortable apparel that is sure to help you feel beautiful no matter how tired you may be feeling from work, school, or kiddos!



Pink Blush is giving away a $75 gift card to one lucky reader! In order to enter you must comment below with your favorite pick-me-up when you’re feeling depleted and share this post on your Facebook or Twitter! For extra entries “like” my facebook page (leave your FB name below if different) and follow me on instagram (and let me know your insta handle)! A winner will be announced on April 1st. (If you have won a Pink Blush gift card elsewhere in the past 6 months, you are ineligible to enter this time; sorry!)



***Full disclosure: I was given a dress from Pink Blush in exchange for this blog review, but all thoughts and opinions are mine alone.

8 comments on “Feeling Energized in Pink Blush + Giveaway!

  1. My fave pick me up (when not pregnant) is coffee. When pregnant, or pretty much any time, a mani or pedi lifts my spirits!

  2. My favorite pick me up when feeling depleted is is my hair even if it’s a quick wash and the stylist throws some curl in it, a bad hair day is a lot like the exhaustion of Pregnancy!

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