Matching Brothers: Little Cub Sew


I didn’t realize how badly I wanted to see Mr. B in the role of big brother until he was one. Or how much I wanted to see him not just as a big brother, but as a big brother to a little brother.


For 4.5 years Mr. B was the baby. Oh, and he’s a great baby boy. I’m still utter mush when he crawls into my lap and just lays there and hugs me. He is irreplaceable and will always have a special place in my heart.

He has blossomed in the role of big brother. He has utterly flourished. I worried a bit, I won’t lie.

Being the baby for 4.5 years can change a man.

But that boy loves his baby brother like no other. And I love seeing them together.


Mr. B loves to match Sweet M, and I definitely encourage that. I know it won’t last forever, so I’ve got to get my fill of cuteness while I can.

I found Little Cub Sew on etsy and was absolutely won over by the adorable hoodies and leggings!

They are all homemade with great, quality, comfortable, stretchy fabric. Both of my boys loved their outfits! And Mr. B was thrilled to match his little brother.

Sweet M is on the go these days (and cutting his two front top teeth – getting him to crack a smile is challenging right now!), but his adorable leggings and hoodie stood up to his mobility. He was able to move with leisure, completely unhindered. I grimaced when we went outside, afraid he’d ruin his adorable new outfit, but he crawled all over our unkempt lawn and not a single snag or blemish to his outfit to speak of! I was thrilled.



And Mr. B loooved the hoodie and pocket to his top. He thinks all hats and hoodies make him unrecognizable, and he’s working on his spy skills for the FBI some day (eventually he’ll realize they’re two different entities unless he is really wanting undercover work, but a boy has to have dreams, y’all!). Plus pockets. Pockets make everything awesome.


So if you’re looking for some great quality, comfortable, and adorable outfits for your tykes, be sure to check out Little Cub Sew on etsy. And if she doesn’t have exactly what you’re wanting, send Katie a message so she can make you a fantastic custom set. You won’t regret it!

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