Sharing Small


I’ve been meaning to share this awesome subscription box with y’all for a bit now.

My kiddos love mail. And what is better than not only receiving monthly mail, but receiving mail that is useful and is helping someone out, too?

With the state of the world at the moment, doing some good and helping others is definitely needed.


Sharing Small is a great small company operated out of Toronto, Canada. Each month a package arrives that is created to inspire conversation with your children about compassion, empathy, charity, and community. A different theme is introduced each month, which is created on a pair of fun socks and a sticker, and a fun cartoon postcard is also included that has a message that correlates to the theme and gets kids and parents talking.


But it gets better! For every pair of socks that is sold, they donate a pair to a family shelter in Toronto!

My kids absolutely loved receiving their Sharing Small packages, and were excited to put on the fun colored, cartoon socks and read their post cards.


You really cannot find a more fun and interactive subscription box out there that is teaching kids compassion, while also doing some real good within their local community. This is where it is at: this is the generation of children who will learn the values of community and charity from a young age and truly change the world, one pair of socks at a time. I just know it.


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