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Oh man, I am so behind on everything in life right now. Especially blogging. Preparing for a tran-Pacific move has been more exhausting and time consuming than I ever could have imagined. Throw in three kids and a pregnancy, and…

Wait. Have I officially said we are moving yet?

Well, drum roll, please….our familia is relocating to the sunny island of Oahu for a year. Yep, we are Hawaii bound!

It wasn’t really part of our plan, but we are really good at being flexible (okay, J and the kids are, I’m just kind of roped into it), so it seems we’ll be off in no time.

But until then, let me tell you about my newest favorite app! Yes, I said app. This techno-impaired girl has finally downloaded an actual app onto her phone other than instagram.


My three little people are all pretty fashion savvy. Lordy knows they didn’t get it from their momma, but it’s so fun to watch them blossom into their own little people with distinct personalities and likes.

Even Sweet M is starting to bring me particular clothes to wear, and will demand I help him take things off if it isn’t just so. Of course, when he insists I take his pants off in the middle of Target I typically smile and pretend I have no idea what he wants as I shove a bag of crackers at him to distract him.

Miss H is so girly it slays me. In a good way. I don’t hate pink and princess and frills, so I’ve totally embraced her fancy desires. I mean, she likes to play in the mud and do math for fun, so whatever floats her boat is cool with me.

I love that the Kidizen app allows me to find her beautiful, high-quality, name brand and boutique-style dresses at prices that won’t break the bank. Because in our house, all clothes are play clothes. And sometimes you just have to look fancy while playing hard. I get it.

I had my eye on this Persnickety dress for quite a while but couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. So when I found it on Kidizen for $27 I snagged it without thinking twice!
Who is this big, beautiful girl; and where did my baby H go!?
She and Mr. B have claimed this hat of J’s and one of them tends to be wearing it at all times. She’s the perfect mix of brains and beauty.

Mr. B tends to like button up shirts. He’s all about “spiffy” clothes. He also is really into spies. And apparently spies wear “spiffy” clothes; although he’s been choosing button ups on his own for most of his life.

And let’s be honest. There is nothing cuter than a little boy who willingly wears preppy clothes.

This is his Power Ranger pose. It was the best I could get from him right now, ha. But this whole Gap outfit came from Kidizen for a mere $15!
That killer bruise on his chin came from a fall over the weekend when he fell into a bench at the Farmer’s Market. Honestly, I’m just glad we didn’t have to go for round 4 of stitches…

And let’s not forget Sweet M. He tends to gravitate toward blue clothes for some reason. I totally cannot make this up. If he brings me clothes to wear, it’s pretty much always blue. So when I spotted this adorable Janie and Jack t-shirt and these Mayoral shorts on Kidizen, I knew they needed to be his!

Also, can we pause for a moment and talk about this kid’s torso. Seriously. Those shorts are an 18 month size and he’s got room to grow in them. That t-shirt? It’s a 2t. I thought for sure it’d be huge on him, but no…he’s a giant!

You see those crazy eyes of his? He gets those from his Momma; his good looks come from his Papa. But he’s going to be sporting some ridiculously hilarious and adorable glasses soon! And of course, they’re blue.
He’s usually a very willing model, but there were some amazingly huge lawn mowers going on at the same time. And that was just way too intriguing than cooperating for Momma. And because he’s so dang cute, he can get away with it!

Seriously, I’m loving this app and the variety of clothing. Not only do they have infant and children’s clothing, they also have maternity clothing and children’s accessories.

I am willing to pay for high-quality clothing because they last unlike anything else. But I definitely prefer buying things second hand because it is better for both Mother Earth and my pocket book.

I’ve also snagged quite a few things for the soon-to-be babe, and I can’t wait to put those items into use. Squee! Tiny baby clothes.

Also, Kidizen’s customer service is stellar. I had a small issue where a seller hadn’t mailed out my item after two weeks, nor did she respond to my message, and Kidizen very promptly refunded my money back to me.

Y’all, if you’re not all ready utilizing the Kidizen app, get on it asap! You won’t regret it! Plus, you can sell your own gently used kid’s clothing on Kidizen, too. It’s a win-win all around.

They’re my favorites!





***Full disclosure: I was compensated by Kidizen in exchange for this blog post, but all thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

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