Snug-a-licious is as Cozy as it Sounds 


We are all about the soft, comfortable, luxury apparel around here. That is no secret. 

My kiddos are the type who never wear pajamas two nights in a row. It’d be an atrocity, for sure! They like things clean and swanky and luxurious on their bodies. Who can blame them!? 

One of our absolute favorite clothing materials is bamboo. It’s eco-friendly and to-die-for soft. A win-win!

We recently got our hands on some Snug-a-licious pajamas and all three kids were eager to wriggle into them. I wish I could say they were equally eager to go bed, but….that’d be a lie, ha!

They loved how snug fitting they were – my kiddos don’t like anything baggy, sleepwear or otherwise. And how soft they were, of course!

And although we are in sunny Oahu, they were just the right level of warmth for our cool and breezy evenings, especially for Sweet M who declines any blanket being on his person at the moment. 

Miss H loved the soft pink and white of her pj’s. Just the colors for a sweet princess. 

And Mr. B loved his sneaker design, because obviously his pajamas promote just how fast our little runner is! 

My personal favorite, as someone who left her heart in England 10 years ago, was Sweet M’s adorable Union Jack pajamas. I mean, how could anyone not love those?

We also got a cozy little onesie for our snug-a-licious Jelly Bean who, no, doesn’t seem to intend on making an appearance any time soon. No surprise there. Photos of that to come, once our little bean is earthside.

These awesome pajamas have been washed and worn more than my pregnant brain can currently count, and they’re still soft and brand new looking; just as high quality apparel should be! 

And although they don’t miraculously make my babes joyful for bedtime, they do make them get changed quickly, so I count that as a huge momma win! 

***Full disclosure: I was given Snug-a-licious apparel for my children in exchange for this review. But all thought and opinions are mine.

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