The Baby Closet 101

I was so excited to get the mail and find these adorable The Baby Closet 101 leggings waiting for me! Err, Sweet M. He might not fully realize it yet, but he’s a leggings-lover at heart. He’s my child; it’s not fully optional.


These handmade leggings are so silky soft; they’re like a dream to put on. If Sweet M could speak, I am certain he’d agree. Alas, he cannot speak, so I must do all the talking for him.

And let me tell you, he loves them. He’s particularly fond of the tribal elephants (apparently he really like elephants – he told me).


He loves that they can be worn with virtually anything, and will be adorable dressed up or dressed down, depending on what shenanigans he has going on that day.

They’re super well-made and fit easily over his cloth diapered bum with ease, but thanks to the stretchy material, they wouldn’t look baggy over a disposable either.

I chose a size 12 months for my 27″ and roughly 18lb little guy. There is a wee bit of room to grow, but I don’t think I’d have wanted them any smaller.


As you start beefing up your babe’s fall wardrobe, I cannot recommend The Baby Closet 101 enough. Grab a few in different prints for your little guy or gal, and pair them with some cute tees (they offer a variety of matching onesies and hats that you’ll want to snatch up!), and he’ll be the swankiest dude on the block. And trust me, those are the things your baby is dreaming about at night.



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