Urban Baby Bonnets

It’s no secret that I am quite the fan of bonnets. You could almost say obsessed. I like something on Bean and Sweet M’s head pretty much anytime we’re outside.

I mean, baby and kiddo accessories are kind of the sweetest thing out there. I may not have washed my hair going on four days right now, but my kids pretty much always look adorable.

Of course, because play is their main job, comfort is a must, and functionality is also important. Which is why bonnets are the best accessory for my little Hawaiian babes.

They can play and look cute, and keep those little noggins safe from the sun. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Urban Baby Bonnets are our favorite for keeping the sun away while playing. The large brims keep their little faces shielded from the sun, and they come in pretty much every single color and design you could ever imagine (and organic options!). Seriously. And they are reversible. So it’s like a two for one.

Plus, do you know how hard it is to find boy options most places?? And Urban Baby Bonnets has more options than you can imagine for your own sweet guy (or dinosaur and car-loving lady!).

One of the best features? They snap instead of tying. Don’t get me wrong, ties are cute, but not always practical with little ones and their grabby fingers. Since Urban Baby Bonnets snap I don’t have to worry about Sweet M or Bean constantly untying them or pulling them off.

And the snaps are made to adjust for various lengths. So versatile, and you’ll get so much use out of them!

Whether you’re enjoying the Hawaiian sunshine like we are, or you’re playing in your Midwest backyard, or maybe even voyaging through some snow still, Urban Baby Bonnets has every bonnet and design you could ever hope for.

And if my very opinionated Sweet M approves; you know they are good!

***This post is sponsored by Urban Baby Bonnets, but all opinions are genuine, and mine alone.

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