Junior Rainbow Pebbles


I like to have a “go bag” in my car. Sometimes I bring it in to switch things up and forget to put it back and then panic in just the right moments, ha. I like to keep things exciting over here.

Anyway. My kids love books. They really do. We read the same book approximately 3,543 each day. It’s loads of fun and doesn’t make my brain feel like mush at all. So it’s a given that I always have books in their “go bag.” They’re easy, they’re quiet, and basically no one in the world has a problem or judgmental thought about a kid with a book (Okay, well maybe if they saw Sweet M reading his newest fave, “I Need a New Butt.” But hey, you can’t win them all!).

But I also like to have more than just books for them. Typically small animals (figurines, not the live variety), crayons, paper, maze books, little baby dolls, and something hands on that isn’t too crazy distracting from what might be going on (if we are at a restaurant, mass, appointment, etc.). Our current fave hands on activity in our “go bag” is our Junior Rainbow Pebbles.


Sweet M and Bean really love matching the pebble shapes to the pictures, sorting them by colors or size, and creating their own creations with the pebbles. And there are just enough pebbles to have to be fun, but not so many that it’s utter chaos to transport. And they have their own little plastic ziploc baggie to go in to for easy storage and transportation, and the cards are thick and durable I just stack them in the bag with the books with no issue. (We tosses the box because it was a bit too cumbersome for transporting for us.)

You guys. Not only do Sweet M and Bean loves our Junior Rainbow Pebbles, but they even hold Miss H and Mr. B’s attention when they need something to do for a bit. It’s a win-win situation.


And I love that  by simply playing, the toddlers are learning new skills and sharpening skill sets they all ready have: colors, matching, patterns, counting, sizes, etc. There is just so much that can be learned simply by playing. I mean, essentially everything little kids need to know!

We were asked to review our Junior Rainbow Pebbles by Timberdoodle, who includes them in their Tiny Tots curriculum kit. I love all the hands on activities has for all ages, and the ability to buy an entire kit (super handy for homeschooling!), or pick and choose what fits for your kiddos and family, whether you’re homeschooling or not.


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