Tiggly Words!


Mr. B is working hard on learning his letters. He really wants to read now that he sees all the worlds that have been opened for Miss H, but he’s just not quite ready yet. He doesn’t have a very firm grasp on all of his letter sounds yet, and that’s okay! He’s only 5.

But lately he’s been working on mastering his vowels and their sounds. Because Mr. B is such an interactive and media learner, unlike Miss H, I’ve resorted to the wonderful world of technology in order to help him.


We acquired Tiggly Words through Timberdoodle and Mr. B couldn’t love it more!

Tiggly Words is a fantastic learning app that combines media and manipulatives in order to learn. Tiggly Words includes a set of 5 silicone vowels that work with 4 different free apps that help to teach vowel sounds, phonemes, and create words. Needless to say, Mr. B is hooked!img_2075

I am loving how he is quickly picking up sounds and concepts as a part of his school work; and he is loving that he gets to “play” on the tablet without me nagging him to do something else all ready. It’s a win-win for everyone!

If you’re looking to include a fun, interactive language arts learning tool as part of your curriculum, or just as added fun your kiddo, look no further than Tiggly Words!


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