The Things I Actually Miss Having in My House 


One of the best aspects of this temporary move, for me anyway, was the epic downsizing we had to do. 

We went from a 2700 square-foot house to an 800 square-foot house. For me, that was fantastic. Trying to take care of three small children, homeschool them and meet everyone’s needs, and still stay sane was kind of difficult in a house that big that required so much time and maintenance. Something always had to give. And typically, it was the house. Or my sanity.

Don’t get me wrong. I love our home. Barring anything unforseeable, it will likely be our forever home, which means we will expand it at some point – eep. But a master suite would be really nice, and those weren’t really a thing in 1888 when our house was built.

But I digress. 

J gave me liberty to outright get rid of pretty much anything I wanted. Which was a huge thing for him because he’s pretty hoarderish. 

Truthfully, we put a lot in storage that I can all ready tell we won’t need/want when we come back, simply because I’m thinking of all  the things we brought here that I may never even unpack and just take straight to Goodwill. 

I could give you a crazy long list of all the things we definitely don’t miss, but instead, let me tell you the things I’ve learned I prefer to not live without. 

First and foremost, my bed. I have never been so appreciative of a real mattress as I have come to be in the past 6 weeks of sleeping on an air mattress. If I never sleep on another air mattress again after next week, it will be too soon. 

And to go in hand with that, nice sheets. Let’s just say cheap, wal-mart sheets are not luxurious or soft. They get the the job done, whatever that is, but I’ll be glad to have my own sheets again!

I miss having a proper dresser and hangers. Suitcases just were not meant to be long-term clothes storage. It’s messy and tedious and not something I terribly enjoy because I prefer things neat and tidy (not that I get that very often with so many tiny people around!). 

I will say though, we only brought roughly 8 outfits per person, and that’s all we’ve had for the last 6 weeks, and I do not miss all the extra clothes. So we may downsize even more in that department. I’m really favoring quality over quantity, and I can easily tell which items my children, and myself, tend to gravitate towards and which have virtually been untouched. Surprisingly, or not, everyone tends to gravitate toward the higher-end, better quality clothing items than the less expensive pieces. I guess they’ve got good taste. I did skimp on pajamas for the kids though, and that we definitely miss. My kids will probably never be children who will wear the same pajamas two nights in a row, ha. (And coincidentally, I received a package from Snug-a-licious with bamboo pajamas for the kids right after writing this. Perfect timing!) 

I definitely miss having wall art and photos. Those things just make me happy. Definitely not necessities, but they spark so much joy that they’re necessities in my life. Besides, it’s always nice to see a picture of my children smiling as babies when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with them. It makes me remember to take a deep breath, and reminds me that not only were they ridiculously sweet as infants, truly, they still are.

I miss having real towels. We brought five beach towels in our carry-on because we knew they could double as regular towels in the bathroom while we waited on our household goods. And I didn’t want our real towels to get ruined on the beach. The bathroom towels are definitely more plush than the beach towels . And I will be happy to have those. 

I miss my blow dryer. I tend to be showering a lot more at night right now, and I dislike going to bed with wet hair. Surprisingly, or not, I did bring my straightener with me and I’ve not used that once. I do miss my curling rod a little bit.

Toothbrush holder. That’s a big one.

We bought a shower curtain and a bathmat otherwise I would miss those as well. But here we have two showers (one in our detached guest area), so we were going to need to purchase those things anyway. I’ve been a pretty big stickler about not duplicating things we already own.

I miss having a couch. Mostly, right now I’m just sitting on my birth ball anyway, but a couch to snuggle and relax on in the evening would be fantastic. But I don’t miss all the extra furniture and chairs like I thought I would.

I miss proper dishes. We were using paper plates for a while and I eventually gave in and bought 5 plastic plates so there was a bit less waste. But plastic…meh…

I miss my blender tremendously. Much more than I realized I would. And my cast iron skillets because that’s what I cook everything in essentially. Plus my crockpot, though I did break down and just purchase an instant pot, so we will see what all that hype is about (and if you’ve got yummy instant pot recipes you love, I’d love to hear them!).

My coffee maker! Actually, my dad bought me a cold brew machine right before we moved for my birthday. I miss that. The coffee maker I can do without, but I know J super misses it. And my to-go cups: I like taking my coffee and teas with me. 

Our neighbor lent us a small dining table and chairs, which has been amazing. I definitely missed having those and will appreciate having our own when it gets here. 

The kids haven’t really asked about any of their toys or games. I miss their magnatiles personally. But I’m not sure I will even set up the few toys we brought with unless they specifically ask. (We brought a basket of duplos, a basket of magnatiles, and I honestly can’t even remember what else. Eep! But clearly they can’t either.)

Cloth diapers! I loathe disposables: they smell weird and they always allow for poo-splosions. I will be happy to be back in the game of cloth again. 

Really though, that’s it. 

That may seem like a lot, but when you think about every little thing in a typical house, it’s not much at all. And those are genuinely the only things that I miss. The rest I can do without. So maybe I really am more of a minimalist at heart than I realized. 


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