It’s insane to me that we as women buy into the idea of the “perfect body.” And when we fail to “succeed” we beat ourselves up.

Instead of enjoying healthy, yummy food, we force ourselves into restrictive fad diets that we decide are the holy grail of all (vegan, paleo, keto, low fat…the list goes on).

Instead of enjoying an extra hour of sleep we push ourselves out of bed for insane workouts or miss our evening down time with our partner because we aren’t “disciplined” enough to get up early.

We spend hundreds of dollars on lotions and creams in hopes of ridding our body of the marks left behind from growing: growing through puberty, through pregnancy, through that month we only ate cookies and coffe, whatever.

Accepting a healthy, moderate diet, and getting exercise in by living life, not being regimental, is frowned upon. Those people don’t care or love themselves enough.

Or do they?

Maybe they love themselves so fiercely that they’ve given up on society’s pressures to look a certain way just because someone said so. Maybe they love themselves so much that they’re comfortable, happy even, in their own imperfect body.


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