La Coupole 


“Remember this?” He asked me, handing me a piece of paper from a dress coat he hadn’t worn in over eight years.

I took it from him, scanned it, smiled. “Oh my God,” I whispered. “So much time.”

We didn’t need more words, because we were both there then, and we are both here now.

We’d eaten like Gods at a fancy Parisian restaurant I wouldn’t dare take my lovely brood into and couldn’t afford now even if I wanted to. He’d proposed the night before and we spent Christmas Day knowing the rest of time was ours.

But we were young. Naive.

We had no idea.

We couldn’t have guessed how many adventures, both lavish and quaint, we’d experience. The moment we first brought life into this world and suddenly realized our love was so much bigger than just two people.

The challenges.

The heartaches.

The long days. The longer nights.

We had no idea on that day all those years ago, how much love could grow. How much friendship could grow.

How lucky we are, that we learned to grow together.

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