Makapu’u Lighthouse 


We recently headed up the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail. It is by far one of the easiest trails on the island, I believe. The whole thing is paved. So it’s easy for stroller pushing, you don’t have to worry about muddy paths, no roots to trip and fall over. It’s pretty straightforward.

Now, there are definitely some drop-offs if you were to go over the side of the path,m. And Sweet M definitely wanted to give those a whirl,  so you still need to be vigilant of your littles on this path, but overall, it’s an easy hike for anyone.

This trail is roughly 2 miles, and the first half is all going up, followed by the return down, so at about the point you think you’re exhausted, it’s all downhill from there. Miss H and Mr. B had absolutely no issues walking the whole thing, and Sweet M climbed his way up the majority of it.

Some quick history for you: The Makapu’u Lighthouse was constructed in 1909, and has the largest land of any lighthouse and all of the United States. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places as of 1977, it is located at the most at Southeastern point of Oahu.

The whole trail offers beautiful panoramic views, and on sunny days you can see Molokai’i (which I informed J I expect a trip there for my 30 birthday. I’ve been pretty intrigued by it for the past 10 years after doing a lot of studying in Father Damien so the historian in me really needs to visit.).

Also, during whale watching season, you’re supposed to be able to see whales from here too. So, you know where I will be when the time comes.

I will definitely be back to this trail again. Because it’s an easy one to do on my own with the kids, and I’m always looking for things that I can accomplish with all four of them. It’s nice to feel like I can sretsin what sanity is left and do fun things with them, even though I’m quite outnumbered at this point, ha.

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