New Year’s Resolutions are Coming


New Year’s is right around the corner.

You know what that means. New Year’s resolutions.

I have mixed feelings about resolutions, but I’ve decided to make some for myself that are realistic and meaningful. No goals to lose 20 pounds or to not buy anything frivolous, etc. But maybe some more mindful choices that could contribute to a more healthful, meaningful daily life.

  1. I want to read a whole book every week. One book for pure pleasure that is not a children’s picture book or a parenting book. One book, just for me. Each week.
  2. I want to work out 4x a week to focus on building my body strong. Nightly yoga with the kids totally counts here, because some days that might be all I manage.
  3. I want to train for a full marathon (which one, tba).
  4. I want to write letters. Real, handwritten letters that I send to people. At least once a month.
  5. I want to enjoy a cup of coffee in quiet peace. Maybe once a month. Realistic goals here.
  6. I want to get back into writing fiction for pleasure. For me. Something I enjoy.
  7. I want to dance with my children. Every day. Because we love it and it makes us happy.
  8. I want to be more mindful of all of my purchases. Food, material, etc. Is it necessary? Useful? Budget-friendly? Would I still buy this if it weren’t on sale? Would I buy it next week? How is it improving my life?
  9. I want to read more children’s chapter books with my children. Every day.
  10. I want to decrease my sugar in take. It’s become a coping mechanism and it needs to go. But I love chocolate too much to every actually break up with it.

How about you? What are your New Year’s Resolutions? I’d love to hear!

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