Revamping and Reorganizing the Blog


As the New Year is fast approaching I’m thinking up new ways to spice this blog up and help me stay on track. 

With the blog. With life. 

You may have all ready noticed some recent changes to the blog as I try to make it more aesthetically  appealing. 

I’m hoping to do daily themes starting Monday. 

Manic Monday: I will share some of my favorite parenting hacks and tidbits that have made our lives easier over the years.

Try It Tuesday: Food! Healthy eating is important to me, and feeding my kids delicious and wholesome foods is too! You’ll never see me count a calorie or deny myself an ice cream sundae, but we try to keep it balanced and I will share what’s being enjoyed around here.

Read It Wednesday: one of my resolutions was to do more leisure reading. I’ll share both books I’ve been enjoying, as well as books the kids have been enjoying.

Love It Thursday: I will share things we’ve really been loving around here. Whether it be products, clothes, adventures, or just each other! 

And Free For All Friday: This will be my wild card. Anything is game.

I’m really hoping this will help me stay more on track and organized in this upcoming year! I’m so excited for this venture! 

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