Settling in to Our New Norm

I really feel like now that we finally have our stuff, life is starting to find a good new groove for normal. 

There is still stuff to be organized, but in general, the house is finally a home.

We’re getting out, we’re making friends, we’re doing lots of fun things. Lots of beaches and hiking. What more could anybody want?

 On a whim we put our sweet baby in a toddler bed in our bedroom this week. He’s actually sleeping in it quite well.

J or I lay with him, or sit next to him, while he drinks his bottle and dozes off to slumberland. Yes, he takes a bottle every night. Full of almond milk. And when he’s finished, he puts that dummy right in his mouth. And then he’s more than happy to go to sleep. Having a baby that takes a bottle and a dummy is such a weird concept for me, even now after so much time. But whatever works.

Friday we joined friends at the beach for the afternoon and evening. We had the pleasure of seeing an endangered monk seal on the beach. The kids were able to play in the water, explore the beach and little pillbox nearby, and have a great time with friends. They also helped the marine biologist who was stationed on the beach to keep the monk seal safe collect his supplies once the monk seal return to the sea.

One of the best parts of this island is that (most) everyone is so family orientated. The island itself, not so much. But the people, yes. Everyone is so kind and helpful and ready to lend a hand.

A family nearby gave us an entire box of malasadas that they had. Extras. What kind of people have an extra box of malasadas? Ha ha. And several tuna rolls. So the kids ate while we lost track of time, and picked J up from work way too late. But on the upside, we got home just in time for our own personal fireworks show that occurs every Friday evening.

Saturday we took off to the beach as a family. We decided to check out the beach on one of the military bases. I always have mixed feelings about being on the bases because things always go either one of two ways. Everyone is so nice and great and fantastic, or, they’re the antithesis of that.

This time, it was the antithesis. A little girl, about age 9-10 followed me around for 20 minutes telling me all the horrible ways that my baby might die in my womb. I could get shot in the stomach and we both die. Maybe a giant wave would come smashing at me and squish my stomach so hard she would be killed instantaneously. Maybe someone might stab me. It was seriously to the point that I worried about that kid’s mental health. And then she walked up to the beach and chucked a huge ass rock straight at Sweet M, missing only by centimeters. So we went to the other side of the beach because even if she was just a kid, she may have been a borderline sociopath.

Sunday my midwife came over, and we got to hear the baby. Measuring small, as I have this whole pregnancy. I guess there’s a first for everything. I’m not too worried though.

We had already planned on hiking that day, and my midwife’s assistant suggested a hike off the Pali. She said it was fairly easy, and her husband had recently did it with their four children. Of course, as we drove there, and I looked it up, it was rated slightly treacherous. Or maybe something akin to certain death (“certain death” is Mr. B’s current phrase). 

We decided to do it anyway. We’re not really pros, but we’re not afraid of much either. The bamboo forest was amazing. The streams, the water. There are places that were certainly treacherous. Steep cliffs, lots of steep inclines, having to crawl under and over fallen trees. But so, so worth it for the final outcome.

Lulumahu Falls.

The kids enjoyed playing in the water, hopefully not catching leprosy, and then we hiked back through. We went a slightly different way on the way back and omitted the bamboo forest so that we were on some more open terrain because Sweet M wanted to walk at that point

I’m telling you, there is so much beauty out in nature. I never viewed myself as someone who would enjoy being outdoors in the hot, and I still definitely don’t like being hot, but I can’t get enough of being out in nature here.

I really hope we are able to take full advantage of this island over the next 10 months. Because it’s so beautiful and wonderful, and has so much to offer us.

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