Still Here

Things have been cray cray around here lately.

So many changes. So many happenings.

It’s starting to shape up like we will be here another year. Lots of feels on that. But until anything is actually official, I’m going to ignore all those feelings (we love it here, we love Btown, too. There is no right or wrong here – just happy I’m not the one who has to make that choice).

I still need to collect my thoughts on having an EIGHT year old. I swear she seems so dang grown up, even though she’s really still just a little girl.

She is a bottle full of sass, but also the most helpful, loving human I know. I hope that never changes.

Mr. B is currently being my challenge. I appreciate that they all rotate that job amongst themselves to keep things fresh.

He is ridiculously smart and funny, and obviously I find him pretty cute to boot. But he has this need to show how physically powerful he is at all times, and it’s killing me.

I’m not an aggressive person. In fact, I have a really hard time handling any sort of aggression or acts that can be perceived as violent, which is I know, why he has been particularly challenging for me lately.

I know that all kids, not just boys, need to have a healthy amount of physical play. But it seems like it goes from fun to not in less than a second. I don’t want to be the mom who is constantly telling him to put the stick down or to keep his hands to himself, but I honestly don’t know what else to do.

I need him to learn that there is a line, a very hard line, and if something is not fun for someone else he must stop.


No questions asked.

And he is getting there. And he is only 6. But it’s a struggle for me. Because I want the world to perceive him and know him as the same sweet, kind, generous soul I do. Not the rowdy kid who is always toeing the line.

And then there is Sweet M. Oooooh boy.

I apologize to everyone in the world who has ever had an ornery toddler.

I mean, H and B were toddlers. And neither of them were particularly easy toddlers, but I also only had two and of them and it all seemed manageable in those years.

I guess it’s safe to say that my house is utter chaos right now and everything is falling apart.

Okay, that’s not true. I mean, everything is chaos, but that’s completely normal. And it’s still relatively holding together at the seams.

But that Sweet M is the orneriest of the ornery, I tell you. He is sweet and mischievous and ridiculously precocious like his big sister. And he knows when he is being ornery and it’s pretty much impossible to be serious with him because he is so dang cute and funny. Lord help me with this one.

And then mighty Bean. Time is zooming by and she’s all ready a solid 7 months old.

She’s officially cut 6 teeth and she crawls backwards and can get herself into sitting and standing position from laying down.

She eats and she hates napping and I’m trying to cherish it all.

We did a 5k as a family this past weekend at Kualoa Ranch (you know, where JurassicWorld and Lost, etc., were filmed), and that was super fun. It was quite muddy from all the crazy rains we’ve been having so we opted to wear the littles and forego the stroller which officially made it a walk instead of run for us. But it’s okay, it was probably more fun that way anyway.

Things have been so busy and cray cray lately that we’ve not done enough as a family. Hopefully we will get back into our groove as it is much needed, and we are all happier when we are spending time as a family in nature.

Anyway, we are still here. Still strumming along.

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