Thankful for a Week With Good Friends

These last few weeks have been so busy. So let me back track and fill you in.

My dearest friend and her husband came to visit for the week of Thanksgiving.

It was so amazing to have people here for a whole week who were happy playing with my kids and just being with us. We did fun, touristy and site-seeing things as well, but there was a lot of downtime and that was really nice.

We ventured around the island one day, taking in the sites and enjoying the beauty that is Oahu.

My big kids aren't really upset, they're just class A clowns.

(Don’t worry, H and B are just monkeying around.)

Then we took them for a (chilly) day at Bellows. It was so much fun watching my kiddos play in the waves and sand with two of my favorite people!

We had a nice leisurely day where the kids did a million science experiments and Miss H did a research board of the 1920s. Also, G did a lot of laundry while she was here.

Tuesday we took our friends with to a local U-Pick farm where the kids played with the chickens and fun outdoor toys, and then we picked enough fresh veggies for our Thanksgiving salad.

And then we headed to the North Shore for snorkeling and dole whips!

Sweet M is cray-cray when he’s all doped up on the white stuff aka sugar. He’s a cute little nugget, but oh my goodness!

Wednesday G and B ventured to Pearl Harbor while J, the kids, and I did some normal life errands. But that evening we left the kiddos and headed out for a genuine, bonafide date night. It was so nice to leave our kids in their capable hands and know they would be well cared for and loved while we got to spend two hours eating sushi and drinking fruity drinks and talking about…okay, mostly our kids, ha.

Thursday was Turkey Day and we spent it at my older brother’s house feasting on the best smoked turkey ever.

And we finished out their trip on Friday with another lazy day that included putting up a tiny 4 foot Christmas tree, G holding Bean for a 3+ hour nap, and then the evening on the beach roasting marshmallows for another friend’s daughter’s birthday before bidding them adieu as they jetted back to the mainland on a red eye.

I am so glad we got that week with them and my kiddos were able to get their cups filled with mainland love.

Not every friend you make is for life, especially when you’re in the 1st grade, but sometimes you luck out. This years Thanksgiving I was definitely thankful for them!

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