3 Weeks and Then Some


Bean is 3 weeks old! Okay, okay. She’s closer to 4 weeks at this point. It’s s good thing I don’t do this for a living, haha.

Four kiddos…crazy. Chaotic. A wee bit stressful. 

Beautiful. Amazing. Lovely. 

I really can’t imagine it any other way. Bean is the baby I didn’t even know was missing, and yet with her here I realize how we were missing her this whole time.

She’s a dream baby. 

I mean, she doesn’t sleep through the night and breastfeeding was not without its challenges. She seems sensitive to cloth diapers which makes the frugal person in me die a little. And as long as someone holds her she’s pleased.

She’s wonderful. 

Her birth has really made me appreciate how loved we all are.

A dear friend from college came out at the end of August and only just left this past Tuesday. 

She was here for Bean’s birth. She was corralling kids all month and teaching classes online while my toddler squeaked “Yay Yay” outside her window (because “JJ” is challenging to say).

She taught my big kids to crochet and played board games and read books. 

There are not words to express how much I appreciate her having been here; taking kids to activities, cleaning my house, feeding me and my family.

A few days after Bean was born, I received a large package in the mail from friends back home. A beautiful muslin quilted blanket (with Narwhals!) for Bean, a sunbonnet she’s gotten so much use out of already, and an adorable Les Mis board book that Sweet M has been taking around everywhere with him. And a beautiful card, with the names of so many people we left behind, but are still thinking of us. Just the fact that they were still thinking of us meant the world to me.

A friend on the island was so helpful by taking the big kids to co-op and dance classes and home to play for a while. It helped the transition so much for everyone. I’m so thankful that I have found friends here that I can rely on. 

And another friend came bearing coffee, and croissants and homemade jelly. That lady knows the way to my heart, ha ha.

We opted against having Bean’s lip and tongue tie revised for the time being. I hope it was the right decision. But I guess it’s one we can always change our mind on later on down the road if we see a need. She has taken a bottle semi-decently the few times it’s been offered, which is good, because it will make J’s life easier when I run that marathon in December (what was I thinking?).

This week, JJ return to the mainland, and J returned to work (after being on the mainland the week before anyway for meetings). So I got to fully immerse myself in caring for 4 children 12+ hours a day by myself. 

Tuesday, my first day being solo, things went fairly well. We made it to co-op on time, and all even looked mostly human with brushed hair and teeth. Clean clothes.

And then that evening…Mr. B stabbed himself in the forehead with a pair scissors. Blood everywhere. Fortunately, it was a small cut and it didn’t need stitches; butterfly bandages sufficed. But oh my goodness, the blood. Thank God he wears glasses, or he might’ve taken an eye out. This boy, I tell you.

Wednesday was uneventful and then yesterday we ventured out for a solar system event where the kids had fun learning about planets and making their own planet mobiles. 

After we grabbed lunch with a friend and let the kids splash in the fountain. Sweet M was acting more somber than normal and having some strange breathing noises. I didn’t think too, too much about it. 

By the evening though, we’d been to the pediatrician with him diagnosed with croup and watched him have some scary breathing episodes.

Obviously, J nor I slept a wink last night, keeping a vigilant eye on that sweet boy. 

Sweet M has been in good spirits today. Still sick. His breathing was good this morningthough  seems to be getting worse as the day progresses. Oy.

The big kids got to watch the first seven episodes of the new Magic School Bus (forgive me, I don’t know the official name, but the big kids were stoked and I can totally count that as a science lesson, right?) this morning while trying to keep Sweet M contained and entertained in my bedroom, since it’s the only part of the house with A/C and I was told to keep him out of heat. 

Nothing in parenthood is harder than watching your babe be sick. I’d do anything to trade places with him.

But overall, despite some hiccups, I think we’ve done pretty good these past 3 weeks. We still have some kinks to work out, and we are still finding our groove as a family of 6, but my goodness, with the arrival of each new sweet babe I’m always a little overwhelmed by how much love I have to give them all (though I think the more I love, the less patience I have…).

He is preparing for the zombie apocalypse
Captain Morgan

We named him Mayhem. But oy! I wasn’t prepared to buy a new camera lens while living on the island.
Sugar cane!

Gah! Sweet perfection! They make the crazy so very worth it!

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