Momzelle: Keeping It Real


In my quest to find adorable, comfortable, figure-flattering nursing apparel this go-round, I stumbled upon Momzelle.

Y’all, it’s straight up love.


I didn’t have any nursing-specific attire with my first two, and I survived just fine. I mean, Miss H was almost four when she weaned, so obviously we managed. But I told myself that this time I wanted to be kinder to my post-partum body and breastfeeding-needs. Plus, I really, really love dresses, and that can be super tricky to finagle if it’s not made specifically for breastfeeding in.


I received two Momzelle dresses and I loved them both. They fit like a glove, were super cute, and I could discreetly nurse my babe anywhere, any time, to boot! What more could a momma ask for?


See, this was totally not posed. I was at our local coffee shop. Shortly after this, Sweet M knocked my sister’s latte all over her. We keep things real over here.

Momma is getting her groove back. Looking cute and feeling good, even with baby spit and milk, and let’s just be honest, even poop, on me most days. And I’m so glad I found Momzelle to add to my wardrobe, making it just that much easier to feel good about myself each day, and not worry about flashing the world my boob or my gut each time I need to feed Sweet M.

I don’t have time to shower daily or bother with make-up most of the time, but when I have clothes I’m comfortable in, I feel like a million bucks. Even when Sweet M keeps me up all night showing me his cool almost-crawling tricks.

If you don’t have Momzelle in your wardrobe and you’re a nursing momma, or have a friend or family member who is and you want to treat them (and you do; you really do want to treat them: there aren’t words to describe how huge such a gesture would mean to them), head over to Momzelle and get shopping!



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