4th of July 


I wasn’t feeling the 4th of July this year. Maybe it’s the move. Maybe it’s the pregnancy. Probably it’s the state of our country currently. 

Regardless, I wasn’t going to waste a perfectly good day having J home with us. 

I actually got to sleep in until 7am (yes, that’s sleeping in these days!) so I was feeling rather refreshed as I put swimsuits on everyone and we loaded up into the van. 

We stopped off at Leonard’s to grab a box of malasadas (you guys, I am not a donut person, but these are different and delicious and should be enjoyed by every human). Sweet M was asleep when I returned to the van (don’t worry, I ran in while J stayed in the van with the kids, I didn’t leave him out there to roast in the heat), so we decided to venture out of Honolulu for the day while he napped, since we didn’t have any real plans other than the kids wanted the beach. 

We found ourselves over in Kailua right in time for their 4th of July parade so we found parking and place to sit (and one sweet guy even insisted I take his chair and that we sit under their tent in the shade) and enjoyed the parade.

Enjoying a yummy custard filled malasada. This kid appreciates the finer things in life.
Night and day these two sweet babes. She couldn’t be bothered with clothes or shoes and he has on a lot more layers than you can see.

The kids were super excited even though it was mostly politics and military (I mean, I guess that sums up America, but in Indiana there are lots of fun floats and activities). The kids didn’t mind though, and we were really just there for them anyway, so it was completely fine. They each were given two popsicles during the parade in lieu of candy by some of the parade participants, so all three of them were in 7th heaven. 

After the parade we walked into Kailua town for some lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Mexican food is what I definitely miss most from home. Okay, maybe not most, but it’s pretty high on the list. Thankfully I brought my Mexican chef with me, but until we have real kitchenware I have to try and compensate with subpar, over priced cuisine that claims to be Mexican. 

When you dont bring your shoes with you – at all – you have to hitch a ride .

We were off to the beach when we were finished. 

The big kids brought their boogie boards and the waves were amazing for them, until they got to be too much (for J and I, the kids would have happily kept going). Once the tide and waves got to be too strong we grounded them to the beach area because with 3 kids and only 2 adults we were outnumbered. And while we tend to be pretty free range, I’m really attached to my kiddos, so the line has to be drawn somewhere. 

But they didn’t seem to mind having to stick close by. They can entertain themselves anywhere!

J played with Sweet M in the sand and then in the waves. Sweet M is fearless and knows no boundaries. He’s been knocked under by waves more than once since we’ve been here (someone is always at least holding his hand), but he doesn’t mind. He just goes head first for more. Subsequently, he stars IRS self rescue swim lessons soon. 

I was so focused on keeping all the kids well sunscreened that I completely forgot myself. Needless to say, I have lobster shoulders and nose now. But the kids aren’t pink! 

The kiddos were so exhausted they fell asleep before the fireworks ever began once we got home. We have perfect views of the Honolulu fireworks from our living room, which is pretty spectacular. And the fireworks started at 8:30 so I was actually awake, haha. 

We also later could see the firework show in Pearl City from our living room as well. So that was equally cool. J really did get us the best house location over here. 

I doubt this will go down as a terribly memorable day or holiday in my kids’ lives, but at least I know it was happy day.

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