A Week In Our New Home

We got the keys to our house last Friday. So today officially marks the end of a full week here. Seven days.

In so many ways, it feels like we’ve been here for an eternity. And in other ways, it feels like we’ve hardly been here at all.

The house is adorable. It’s small and quaint; a robust 800 ft.². But there are two bedrooms, a bathroom, and kitchen, plus living space, so it works. It’s enough. And I am such a believer of letting things be enough in the season.

The folks who rented it before us were very religious. So I’m finding all kinds of interesting scripture verses along doorways and on the walls. The little ones in the doorways are hardly noticeable unless you truly know. But one huge one they had on the main living room wall, they did try to repaint. But it bleeds through and you can still read the scripture verse that was there.

I don’t mind the godliness; I am Catholic after all. But I don’t like the aesthetics of it.

There’s a quaint front yard with a perfect climbing tree for the kids. They spend a lot of time there. And quite a large backyard with lots of room to run and play. And a coconut tree; which hopefully doesn’t bluegeon someone to death when falling to the ground.

There is no air conditioning, which is definitely taking some getting used to for my Norwegian blood. Despite being up on a mountain and having some amazing tradewinds, it still gets hot and stuffy inside during peak hours. In the afternoon it can often be warmer inside and outside. And at night it actually gets cold. Go figure.

In general, the people here are all extremely kind. Our neighbkra are fantastic. They made us a homemade mango cake and leant us a table and chairs to borrow  until our stuff arrives.

Which, oh, by the way, we won’t have our possessions until roughly July 24. Yes. You read that right. That’s a long time to live on air mattresses and with paper plates, ha ha.

Oh, and only one vehicle.

We got lucky and our van arrived and made it through customs yesterday. So we picked up in the late afternoon. Which was a much needed blessing for the kids and I. It offered us the opportunity to get out of the house and get familiar with the town since we’ve been stuck in the house while J is at work. We will have to figure something out once he returns the rental car tomorrow thoug because I’m not very willing to give him the van back until the end of July.  I am not cut out to sit in the house all day long. Mentally, I will go downhill fast.

But we discovered the public library, we toured the YMCA, which I’m on the fence about because despite my best intents, I never used it while we were in Indiana either. And then the kids twisted my arm and we went out to eat. OK, it took them all of saying “hey, let’s go there!” Because the most affordable groceries here are Costco. Which means we’re buying everything in bulk. Which means we’ve been eating the same chicken and sweet potatoes for a week now. 

But by golly, they were the three sweetest angel children having dinner with me. 

This cutie sat in the high chair for the whole meal AND threw nothing on the floor. That never happens!

It rains a lot. But I feel like it mirrors my feelings at times. It doesn’t pour, but a light drizzle here and there throughout the day. And it does rain throughout most of the night. It’s needed and refreshing, and definitely helps keep the edge off the heat.

And every drizzle is always accompanied with an amazing rainbow in our backyard. So who could ever complain about that?

We spent one day hiking at the national park right up the mountain from us. It took us about 35 minutes to walk there, without a baby carrier or stroller. And Sweet M walked the whole way. He even walked the whole hike other than his 45 minute nap. We were out and about walking for over four hours. My back ached a little after it was all over, but it was definitely the outside we needed.

Driving here is way easier than I anticipated. Despite being a huge city, it’s not bad. It does get busy, but people are pretty courteous.
Next week I finally meet with my midwife. We also arranged to tour the birthing center, but it’s about an hour away so it seems unlikely for many reasons that ut would ever work for us. An hour away just seems too long to be in the car in labor, and I’m not certain mentally I could ever be okay and not stressed out giving birth anywhere other than my home. Homebirth isn’t for everyone, and I totally respect that, but the idea of being anywhere where I’m not 100% in control of myself, my body, and my baby, just gives me a lot of anxiety.

Today we ventured to the beach. Morgan learned to say the word “duck.” His vocabulary has really taken off since getting tubes in his ears. He was never “behind” developmentally, but there is some reassurance hearing him be more on part to where his siblings were verbally at this age. 

I really wish I could properly photograph them in the beach and in the ocean. But, someone obviously has to watch them, and right now this has been a one woman show every time we’ve been. Maybe this weekend. Because all three of their faces are nothing but pure joy in the water. It needs to be captured.

After Sweer M took a nap we explored a local place called the Art Explorium that’s only about a mile from our house. For five dollars a kid, they could make all the trash, er, art that their hearts could possibly desire.

And per usual our evening ended with a rainbow (after eating a chicken and sweet potato frittata, hah).

I’ve definitely been feeling the isolation here. Despite being an introvert, I thrive on being out of the house, and talking to at least someone. But the only adult I talk to most days is my husband. And though he’s amazing, he doesn’t get home until after 6 PM. When we are waking up before 6AM that can make for a long day. 

But really, it’s beautiful here. The views are breathtaking. I know once we have our possessions and are officially settled in things will get easier. Transitions are hard. Transitions with kids are harder. But the experience is worth it and the kiddos are thriving and really, that’s what is most important right now. 

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