Buttons Cloth Diapers: It’s What We are Loving on Sweet M


In the great purging and packing venture (I know, I know! You’re probably wondering what is up – and once I can officially let you in on it, I will!) I’ve been vigiliant in figuring out what we truly need and what we can let go.

One thing we for sure need is our cloth diapers. Because, folks, at the end of summer we are going to have two sweet babes in diapers, and we’d be broke as a joke trying to keep them in sposies full time. Plus, the landfill. Eep!

With Miss H and Mr. B we got really lucky when we bought cloth diapers. I knew absolutely nada and what we went with for them worked like a gem and that was that. I hadn’t even planned to cloth diaper if I’m being completely truthful, but Miss H had such sensitive skin that we could only use super spendy non-bleach, eco-friendly diapers. And I knew that I wanted more than one bambino and the cost of these pricey diapers were not financially sustainable.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise for us, because it made me research cloth diapers and make the leap, which is both better for our environment and my pocketbook, and we never looked back!

We started over mostly from square one with Sweet M though since I didn’t keep most of our cloth diapers for all those years. And it’s been a legit struggle trying to find trim, super absorbent, non-Velcro, non-microfiber diapers. It’s been a tall order to fill, I know.

But we finally figured out what will keep this squirmy boy comfortable and fit under his clothes appropriately.


Buttons cloth diapers.

Oh, and did I mention I have to literally run after him in order to actually put a diaper on him? So I cannot have pieces that don’t either slide into a pocket or, like the Buttons diapers, snap into the cover because that would never stay in place while trying to fasten it on him on the move!


Buttons cloth diapers have been a true gem find.

The covers have two layers of thick PUL  and double gussets to prevent leakage around the legs. We have their brand new Super Diaper Cover that has two rows of waist snaps to keep it comfortably fastened. The Super Diaper Cover fits kiddos roughly 12-40lbs, so not ideal for newborns; but that’s okay because they offer newborn covers, too, for sweet peanuts ranging 7-12lbs. Plus, they also have their one size covers for 9-35lb babes. And all these covers come in the sweetest patterns and colors, complete with a cute embroidered button on the bum!

See those helpful double leg gussets!


They fit so nice and snug and he has tons of room to keep on growing!

And have I mentioned the luscious snap-in inserts?

They offer hemp, bamboo/cotton, and microfiber inserts. Really, it just comes down to preference. Hemp, bamboo, and cotton are my fabrics of choice, so those are what we naturally went with, but really they are all great. The inserts are sized based on weight of baby, which allows for a trimmer fit, but equally absorbent diaper. I love how soft these fabrics are, and the inserts are so absorbent that he can nap through them with no issues. I actually think he may be able to wear one overnight without the overnight booster (he has recently mostly nightweaned – more on that another day-, if he were still nursing all night he’d definitely need a booster!) and it be plenty absorbent; I just haven’t tried this yet because truthfully, I was so excited to get these on his bum I didn’t do a full prep, just a partial (and they still work amazing, so that tells you how great they are!).

I won’t lie, when I received my inserts in the mail, my first though upon looking at them were “Oh my goodness, these are huge!” Well, they shrank with prep and it turns out my 24lb 13 month old actually isn’t a tiny newborn as I keep imagining in my head. Who knew!? They fit him perfectly.


There are so many cloth diaper options out there, and I know it is so hard to know where to even start. But I feel very comfortable recommending Buttons diapers to all the mommas and papas out there. They are so easy to use, fast drying since they are not an all in one diaper (which have their perks for some, but notoriously take forever to dry), and are easy for even the most novice of cloth diaper user to figure out!

Plus, Sweet M clearly loves them because when I reach into our diaper drawer to get him a fresh diaper, he always grabs a Buttons hemp insert for me and thrust it in my face to use, ha. He knows what he likes on that cute little bum of his!





***Full Disclosure: I was given a set of Buttons diapers in exchange for this review, but all thoughts and opinions are truthful and fully mine.


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