Christmas Traditions 


Yesterday I turned on the first music of the Christmas season. Sweet M was quite the fan.

Look at that face! Sweet M. was def excited to hear Christmas tunes for the first time.

I know. I know.

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I tried to wait. I really did. But I couldn’t hold back any longer.

Christmas is my absolute favorite season. And it is a season; not one single day. 

And Christmas with kids is magical and wonderful and exhilarating. We embrace it all.

I love celebrating bits of our ancestral  heritage with the kids. 

They put their shoes out for St. Nicholas Day (a nod to their German heritage) and they squeal in absolute delight when they awake to tiny chocolates in their shoes. We talk about the real St. Nicholas and the good he did in the world.

 We make lussekatter (sweet bread) for St. Lucia Day (Norway) and celebrate the shortest day of the year. 

We bake bisochitos  leading up to Christmas – the New MexicanChristmas  cookie – and deliver them to our neighbors. Okay, and we indulge in far too many ourselves. 

They have the “traditional” Christmas with stockings filled with goodies from Santa, lots of family, and more food than their tummies can possibly eat.

And we finish up our Christmas season with el Dia de los Reyes when we bake a 3 Kings Cake and the kidlets recieve three small gifts from the three Magi (typically things they need: socks, fun toothbrush, books). 

I love these celebrations with my children. I love telling them stories about these traditions and how they came to be. We make up stories of how things may have been for our ancestors during such festivities. 

One of my very favorite traditions, however, is sending out Christmas cards. 

When I was a little girl there was something about sweet family Christmas cards that just signified living the dream. In fun, happy Christmas movies people always send out Christmas cards and always have a stack of them from friends and family displayed in their home throughout the season (we keep ours displayed in our tree).

I knew I wanted to share that Christmas love and cheer with all the people we love and hold dear to us: so annual Christmas cards became an an established tradition for us.

Many years our cards have said “Feliz Navidad” because I try my very best to help retain my husband’s culture. This year we chose beautiful cards from Mpix that say “Happy Everything” that I could not love more. They truly encapsulate the mirage of cultures we celebrate with our children with such a simplistic greeting. 

I love Mpix cards (and photos!) as the quality is always phenomenal and the prices fair. Plus, they have so many options to offer that it would be impossible to not find something perfect to meet your family’s unique needs. 

Add that to quick and speedy service, and that is where we always turn to for our photo needs! 

The envelopes even came pre-printed with my return address to make life a wee bit easier.

I can’t wait to delve head first into this holiday season and see what merriness it shall bring!

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