Cookies with Oogaa!


First, let me start off my apologizing for the horrendous photos. They’re clearly a cry for a bigger kitchen and better lighting. (Hear that, J? Bigger kitchen, better lighting! Or maybe just a new camera lens. I’ll leave the ball in your court and let you decide, ha. Also, go to sleep all ready!)

Sweet M’s godmother gave us a baggie full of baby cutlery her youngest no longer needed a while back, and in it was an Oogaa spoon. It was instant love and I knew I needed to get my hands on more of it. I had no idea that they carried a whole line of products, and that I would love all of their BPA-free, silicone products just as much as that one single spoon. (Read: If you’re in the market for baby/toddler/kid cutlery and dishes, save yourself the trouble of trying out a dozen different brands and just go get some Oogaa. It’ll be love.)

The great part about silicone dishes is that they’re multi-functional. Use them to eat off of. Use them to freeze things. And use them to bake!


We do baby lead weaning around here, so Sweet M eats what we eat. But he also eats quite a bit of “baby food.” He started eating (per his pediatrician’s recommendation) at a younger age than his sibs, so he didn’t quite have the dexterity to feed himself. And of course, “food before one is just for fun” but he really wanted that food in his mouth. Hence the baby food, which he does get spoon-fed daily. But he also does self feed, or play/smoosh, at this point.


So today as a special treat I decided to make the kids some after-dinner cookies. And I baked those tasty things right in our Oogaa divided plate. It was perfect because it has three ovals – one cookie for each kid.

We eat a primarily whole foods, primal diet. But I also believe moderation is key (and things like wine and dark chocolate are pivotal and life-sustaining), and we certainly like our sweets around here, too! I wanted to make something that Sweet M and Miss H and Mr. B would all enjoy, but that I felt comfortable letting Sweet M eat at this point.


I’m really bad at following recipes, or measuring stuff, but roughly; I put a small banana in the food processor with about 1/4 cup of almond butter and a dash of walnut oil and a pinch of baking powder. I greased the Oogaa divided plate with coconut oil before pouring the batter in. I topped Miss H and Mr. B’s cookies with some dark chocolate chips, and left Sweet M’s plain. Cooked at 350 degrees for about 11 minutes and voila! Kid-loved, momma-approved cookies.


They admittedly were more of a muffin texture, which I was anticipating, as I use a similar recipe to make the kids mini-muffins frequently. But that was perfect because it was a great texture for Sweet M and the big kids loved the shape of their cookies!


I’m so excited to see what we can do next with our Oogaa products!

And Sweet M finished his desert by chewing on our Oogaa silicone mat; that poor teething baby.


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