Earth’s Best is Baby’s Best


With Miss H, I had a plan. I knew exactly how I wanted to do everything and when.

And then, you know, it turned out I was raising a human and not a robot, so all my grand plans went out the window.

She never tasted a bite of the beautifully homemade organic purees I created for her. She did baby lead weaning before baby lead weaning was a thing babies did and it had a proper name. She was ahead of the game.


Naturally, as the second child Mr. B ate whatever his sister fed him. I don’t even remember what we did with him. Did I make him purees? Buy them? Go straight to baby lead weaning? The world will likely never know.

And then along came Sweet M. He started solids earlier than his brother and sister, so I knew purees would be the way to go if our determined little baby hulk was to consume food.


We turned to Earth’s Best because we wanted something we could trust, organic is a must, and with three little ones I just don’t have quite as huge pinterest-worthy ideas of making my babe homemade purees.

Luckily, Sweet M is more than happy with his selection of Earth’s Best foods. Sweet peas are his favorite!


And I love that they have a vast selection of pouch food option for easy, healthy, on-the-go options for our ever-busy lifestyle. I know that Earth’s Best will be a staple in our pantry for years to come!

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