Easter at Spring Mill

Easter is one of those holidays that always sneaks up on me. And I typically participate in Lent, so that just goes to tell you where my brain has been since I became a mother.

This year it appeared we had a tiny little mouse friend chew up our (fabric, personalized) Easter baskets and it was a smidge too late at that point for me to do anything about it (read: Momma waited until the very last minute). And I know, I know, Easter isn’t about darling Easter baskets and colorful eggs stuffed with candy and trinkets (I pitched all of those too, because they were in a bag with the baskets and I’m taking no risks. Blech!).

But my kids enjoy that aspect. And I figure that they’re pretty good troopers about going to mass with me despite a pretty hardcore belief that Odin is the Allfather and they’re going to become fairies when they die, that I should make Easter fun and festive for them, too.

So. I did my best. I think they were happy.

Oh, these two are the best. I love their relationship so, so much, and I hope they remain this close always.
You guys. I didn’t even buy them new clothes for Easter this year. That’s how far gone I am right now.
I love that she is growing up. I’m happy she is growing up. But, oh, it also makes me want to weep a wee bit.
This darling boy was focused. He was on a mission!

After a leisurely morning at home we ventured to Spring Mill for some Easter fun.

Sweet M fell asleep for a nap in the van, and I thought for sure he’d awaken when we got there, but he was out to the world. So J volunteered to hang out in the van with the sleeping baby while the big kids and I ventured through the pioneer village.




Sweet M woke up just in time for some creek stomping. And boy did he enjoy that!

Of course, his big brother didn’t quite heed his momma’s warning to not fully submerse himself into the water, as we had dinner reservation shortly. Alas.


Look! We’ve got matching Buddha bellies! Also, how am I half way through this pregnancy all ready!?
Gah! He’s so dang precious, I just want to eat him up all the time.

We then joined two of our favorite people for Easter dinner where Sweet M ate like a boss (as usual!).

It was a perfectly lovely, low key, fun Sunday.


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