Getting Around with mifold

Watching these sweet babes grow is seriously the most bittersweet thing ever. I’m trying really hard to avoid the fact that Sweet M will be one in less than two weeks. HOW did that happen?

But it’s also so fun to watch them learn and grow and see the amazing little people they are blossoming into. Even though I will admit that some days I want to keep them tiny and in my pocket forever. I know that’s pretty unreasonable though. Mostly…

With Miss H at school these day, carpool is becoming the norm. Her grandpa takes her to school once a week, we drive and chaperone for all the field trips, friends come over for play dates, the list could go on and on. It was becoming more and more necessary that we have a seat a little easier to swap in and out of cars other than her current harnessed booster.

I love the safety of her being in a harness, so it was very important to me that whatever seat we chose for her was equally safe and I felt good about.

After doing a lot of research (you know me, the research queen!), I came to the conclusion that the mifold booster seat met all my desires and necessary criteria.

It is super small and compact, which makes it easy for transport. She can stick in her backpack if someone else is going to pick her up from school with ease, no need for toting around a regular booster seat that is a bit bulky and cumbersome for an almost 7-year-old to tote around (or her momma!)

I also love that Mr. B can use it if needed as he (just barely) meets the seat requirements. He’s 40 pounds even. He got to try it out driving home from Target and I loved that although he’s 5 inches shorter than Miss H, it makes the seat belt fit him perfectly too! I didn’t worry at all about him not being safe and secure because I knew the belt guides were placing the seat belt exactly where it needed to be to keep him safe.


We also travel quite a bit, so it’s nice that I can take this with to have at the end of our destination and not lug around their big seats through the airport. That will save me a lot of arm strength!

Plus, if I need to fit an extra kiddo in our way back, I know this booster will fit between two carseats with ease so no seat will be unusable even with carseats next to it.

I will admit, I was fairly apprehensive about using the mifold at first because it seemed a bit tricky and tedious having to thread the seatbelt into the red hooks on each side and then securing the shoulder strap at the top (which were, however, the very features that made me drawn to this seat – I knew the belt would stay exactly where it needed to be on their hips and across their shoulder without wriggling out of place). Threading the seat belt through the hooks at their hips was super easy, I’m not sure why I worried. Miss H could do it all on her own, and undo it at our destination, fairly easily.


It did take me a few seconds to figure out how to adjust the shoulder strap properly, but once I figured it out it was a breeze. I think Miss H will need a little bit of help the first few times she uses it, but I have no doubt she’ll be able to do it 100% on her own in no time!

I’m so excited about our mifold and the convenience (and safety!) it will add to our lives! It’s definitely a must-have for every busy family with booster seat-ready kiddos!



***Full Disclaimer: I was given a mifold in exchange for this review but all thoughts and opinions are genuinely mine.

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