Holiday World with My Peoples


Yesterday I took my peoples to Holiday World.

I’d been planning this adventure before summer even began. I looked up the last week it was operating during business days and marked that Thursday on our calendar. I knew most kids would be in school all ready, so it would be less crowded.

I was right. There was no wait for hardly anything. And when you’ve got tiny humans; that’s everything.

I’d hemmed and hawed mentally over whether or not Sweet M and I should go since he couldn’t really partake in anything and it’d be hot, but ultimately, I knew I didn’t want to miss it. Seeing those smiles on my big kids and husband, well, it’s totally worth it.




It turned out to be a pretty nice day any way. It got muggy in the afternoon, but nothing too unbearable. And Sweet M was an absolute champ.

We ventured in the waterpark for more than half of the time. J kept Sweet M while the big kids and I did one giant waterslide together. Then the kids played on smaller waterslides on their own, while we watched them from the sidelines. And later I snuck Miss H away with me to go on a water coaster that Mr. B just wasn’t quite tall enough to ride yet (he needed to be 42″ and he’s only 41.5″ – so close!).






My favorite part of the day was probably lounging in a tube in the lazy river with a sweet, happy baby sitting on my tummy. But we were all in on that, so no photos.

Miss H saw a Dippin’ Dots stand on our way into the waterpark, and her mind was set. So I told her after she’d had lunch and we were leaving the waterpark we’d get some. She reminded us relentlessly about the Dippin’ Dots, and was pleased as punch when she finally got them.



But really, this day trip was so awesome and no one fussed or had a fit. Even Sweet M was a chill little fellow the whole time. It was great!

Other than the roller coasters, the kids could ride nearly everything with an adult. So J and I switched off riding different rides with them. And then J and I watched together while they rode many of the rides just with one another. I see these two thrill-seekers being great theme park buddies as they grow!




Overall, the day was lovely. The parks short end-of-season-hours were perfect for us, and forced us to leave at bedtime so no one hit that epic overtired stage that would have been ruinous.

I can’t wait to go back next year with them: and Sweet M can participate some then too!

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