We are in the homestretch now. 

40 weeks and 2 days.

This is the earliest I’ve ever given birth, and that was to my sweet, calm Mr. B. 

I don’t sense this baby is coming soon. 

I mean, she’s coming soon because she can only be in there for a few more weeks tops. She eventually has to come out.


But I have a deep sense of contentment right now. I’m in no hurry for her to be here other than my own selfishness that I want to hold her in my arms and count her sweet fingers and toes and kiss her little nose.

But we are busy with lots to do, so she can stay put for a bit more and I won’t mind.

Yesterday we ventured to the Okinawan Fest, which was a lot of fun.

We ate a ton of delicious food from the land of my birth. We won’t discuss just how much food, and then plantation iced tea, I consumed, haha. 

The kids enjoyed visiting the cultural tent and looking at the calligraphy and karate paraphanalia. 

Then we ventured to the Jackass Ginger Pools for a leisurely hike and some creek stomping. I left swim suits and Sweet M’s ear plugs in the van so we didn’t swim in the actual pool, but the kids didn’t mind one bit. 

Then we headed over to the pool for a leisurely afternoon of food and swimming. Er, jumping. Lots and lots of Sweet M jumping into the pool because he’s a little jumping bean and that’s all he wants to do. For hours. No joke. 

And because we were all ready so close to Duke’s, we decided to finish our night off with hula pie. What more could you want for dinner? (Sorry, no pics of the actual hula pie because we devoured that decidence in .02 seconds and I didn’t think about taking a photo until the kids were mostly done.)

Our days as a family of 5 are limited. I’m trying to enjoy these insanity-inducing, feral children of mine as much as possible before things get a little chaotic in those days after bringing a new human into the world often tend to.

We are so close though. So close.  

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