Honolulu Family Fun Run

Miss H has been dying to do an organized run since I ran my first 1/2 marathon last October. (I wish I could say my “only” but I’m insane and know there will be more. I mean, I’m signed up for my first full marathon in December – eep!).

I’ve had my eyes peeled, but I’ve also been in the throes of pregnancy and a huge move and adjustment, so I would be a liar if I said it’s been my number one priority. 

But then one kind of fell into my lap. The universe knew what we needed. 

Miss H and Mr. B were both thrilled to take part in their first ever 500m keiki dash. Watching them sprint their little hearts out was actually a much more emotional (hormonal?) experience for me than I anticipated. They were focused and determined. 

After the keiki dash the really fun (or funnies) took place. 

The kiddos and I had signed up to do the family 3k. Our only goal, which is my only goal any time I run: to finish and not die.

Mr. B declared he was going to the front and was running the fastest the whole time. I shrugged and told him to have at it. It was a pretty straightforward route around a few city blocks. And honestly, I figured we’d find him tuckered out after a few minutes; he’s not often my most physical child in terms of activities. 

I sent J a quick text, who was hanging out with Sweet M and the stroller, and told him B was starting at the front and could he please keep an eye on him.

You guys. B blew us away! 

For a good portion we could see him sprinting his heart out in the second place. Then after a bit we could just catch glimmers of J in his orange shirt flying ahead with the stroller in his sandals, trying to keep up with our 5-year-old. (J had not signed up to run, ha.)

At around the half way mark they gave us chocolate milk and H and I decided to power walk and chat, J and B long gone at that point. 

When we could see the end we decided to sprint our hearts out and we ended with a bang, long after Mr. B who came in amongst the top 10, which included all the adults running it semi-seriously. 

We finished out the morning and early afternoon enjoying the Honolulu Family Festival and continuously talking about how awesome B did. H did amazing, too, of course, and she was so pleased to run with her momma. 

It was a lovely, albeit hot day, with the humans I enjoy the very most! 

This photo says it all

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