Kolekole Trail

One hike here in Oahu that I read about and knew we wanted to check out was the Kolekole Trail at Schofield Barracks.

It was touted as being a fairly easy hike (and I haven’t bought proper hiking shoes yet, I’m totaling Birkenstocking it right now), semi-shades (remember the heat and my Norwegian blood?), and the views were promised to breathtaking (aren’t they all here, though?).

The only catch was that Kolekole Trail is only open for hiking a handful of times throughout the year. 

Well, wasn’t it our luck that it was open over the 4th of July weekend then? 

I knew we needed to take advantage of this trail asap because who knows what may or may not happen throughout the year, and I definitely didn’t want to miss this opportunity. 

So Sunday we loaded up the kids and headed to the other side of the island for another day of fun in the great outdoors. 

The hike up was fairly steep in some places, but that didn’t hold anyone back. Not J with a napping Sweet M on his back. Not me and my big ol’ pregnant belly. Not Miss H in her dress (you can totally hike in a dress!). And not Mr. B who insisted he didn’t like hiking and yet was sprinting like a tazmaninan devil all over the place, light years ahead of us all. 

We were so rewarded on this hike with various look out points. Each one gorgeous. 

I actually had a dream a few nights ago that Mr. B fell off a cliff. Like, plop! It just happened and there was nothing to be done. I woke up in a cold sweat all panicky because it was one of those dreams that seemed real. So most of this hike I was just biting my tongue really hard because suddenly it was all I could think of and I didn’t want to ruin his fun when he was clearly safe at all times. 

We got to one look out point that was breath taking. A gentleman was flying his  quadcopter, which the kids and J (okay, especially J) thought was really cool. 

We sallyforthed further and were of course rewarded. 

This island, y’all. I apologize if I just spend the next year gushing about how pretty this place is.

I’m not sure which view is better here: the amazing landscape or the amazing man wearing his sleeping toddler.

On our way back down we came upon a guy with his two dogs. The larger dog lunged for Mr. B. He slightly scratched him but if B hadn’t had such great reflexes, he’d easily be missing a chunk of his face right now. J and I were super calm, although the owner was quite blasé about the whole situation when J kindly, but firmly suggested he either keep his dog on a shorter leash or not bring him out around people. 

We didn’t want the kids to be scared suddenly of dogs by stating the very scary relating of the situation in the terms that the dog realistically could have badly hurt or even killed B in a split second. But we did make it a learning experience and talk to them about how it’s situations like this that we’ve always taught them to ask first before ever approaching someone’s animal, and to also never approach a stray or wild animal. 

We also discussed with them why it was so important that if they ever own an animal they really know their animal’s temperament and if the animal gets anxious, scared, aggressive, etc., around certain people or all people because it would be their job to protect their animal both from such an unfortunate situation, as well as making sure all other people are safe because in the event where an animal injures a human, especially a child, it is not uncommon for it to be required that the animal be put down. And what a tragic situation that would be, especially if they knew the animal got scared around people and was just reacting instinctually. 

Needless to say, Miss H was horrified and heartbroken by such a thought, but if (when…) they do finally get a pet one day, you can bet they will be so well-prepared. 

After the hike we ventured to a nearby coffee bean farm and sampled some tea and played in the coffee bean trees. 

We then finished our day off at home by chalk dyeing two little kids’ hair that were over the moon delighted that their momma said yes. 

It’s true, I’ve not been terribly fun since we moved here. I’ve been so focused on other things and trying to make this transition easy for them that I think I’ve been making it significantly harder. I want everything to be normal and great and happy, and obviously big changes aren’t instantaneously dreamy. But this stuff doesn’t really come with a full proof manual, so I’m basically making it up as I go at this point. 

But they’re going to be okay. I’m going to be okay. And I know this move is such a great thing for our family. Nothing good in life comes without challenges.  

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