Let’s Talk DockATot


A few weeks ago a friend posted a photo of her son, roughly 6 weeks older than Sweet M, happy and content in his crib for the night.

I was flabbergasted.

I knew this darling baby boy, like Sweet M, was also held and loved on quite often while he slept; so I needed to know what sorcery this was that propelled this baby to be content and sleep on his own.


I won’t lie, I was a bit skeptical.

You can pick up any parenting book or magazine, or simply Google “infant sleep” and find a million and two surefire ways to help your baby sleep better. And trust me, I’d tried at least a million of them. And since Sweet M tends to be more high maintenance like his big sister, I figured there was no need to check out those last two ways. I simply needed to embrace the standstill of my life during all of his sleeping hours.

Not going to lie; I really love holding my baby. I like how he curls into my body, he sighs on my chest, the little slumberland smiles that spread across his face while he sleeps.

But here is another truth: I have two other children.

So while it’s nice to hold Sweet M while he sleeps, and I don’t plan on ever giving that up completely; it’s also nice to be able to put him down and focus on his big sibs while he sleeps.

When my DockATot Deluxe arrived I was impressed with it’s high-quality and durability. It seemed comfy enough that I would enjoy sleeping on it.

I spent the first few days simply getting Sweet M used to it. If this had been Mr. B, I’d have never bothered with doing this, but since Sweet M balks at the very idea of being put down anywhere, I wanted him to have good associations with the DockATot.

At first I would just lay him in it for a few minutes while playing with and singing to him. Then I would lay him in the DockATot with his mobile playing while I got dressed or put laundry away.


Finally, I started transferring him into the DockATot when he’d fall asleep for his nap.

And he’d sleep.

Then, I started putting him into the DockATot when he fell asleep for his first stretch of the night.

And he’d sleep.


Tonight, well, you might need to sit down for this: tonight he fell asleep by himself in the DockATot. No joke. I was right there next to him the whole time, because I wanted him to know this was a safe place and he was safe to sleep; but I did nothing else. I nursed him, burped him, gave him his dummy and laid him down in the DockATot. And then I just sat and waited. If he’d have cried, I’d have picked him up. But he didn’t. He talked for a few minutes. He stirred a bit. But no crying.

And he just fell asleep.

Anyone who has ever had a high needs baby knows exactly what kind of amazingness that is. There are no words.

Thus, it should really go without saying, that I cannot recommend a DockATot enough for any and all babies. Whatever your baby’s temperament, whatever your sleep needs, I feel confident that DockATot is your best bet! (And they have a DockATot Grand for toddlers.)


The absolute only minor issue I’ve come across, which I’m fairly certain will only ever pertain to my strange child, is that the bottom must be unbuckled for his length, which it is made to do. Sweet M, however, doesn’t seem to like where the fabric of the DockATot ends, so he will keeps his legs up until he falls asleep, or simply sleep with his legs bent. It’s a super silly quirk, and in retrospect, I maybe should have gotten him the Grand, but it doesn’t seem to affect how well he actually sleeps.



Full Disclosure: DockATot sent me a DockATot Deluxe to review. All opinions are fully mine, and 100% genuine.

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