Little Passports


We’ve been Little Passports fans over here for nearly a year. Last Christmas my mom purchased Miss H and Mr. B a subscription for Christmas – a great and fun way of spreading the cheer all year long. 

The kids love receiving mail (who doesn’t!? Unless it’s bills. You can keep those.), and they are ever-curious about the world as we instilled travel bug ls into them early on. 

Little Passports offers three different programs: Early Explorers, geared for ages 3-5; World Edition, targeted for ages 6-10, and USA Edition, for ages 7-12.

H and B have a subscription to World Edition and its oodles of fun. I always tecieve an email before their monthly package mails out, telling me which country it is about. This is great because it gives me time to grab books at the library or google supplementary recipes and crafts to go along with their Little Passports. I primarily use the extra resources with Mr. B whom I’m currently homeschooling. The info and activities provided are more than sufficient on their own though. 

We were given the opportunity to sample the Early Explorers and USA Edition, and the kids absolutely loved those as well. 

Mr. B enjoyed the large continent map he recieved in his Early Explorers package, as well as the ocean cards full of fun facts and a little wooden fishing game. He was thrilled to have a letter from Max and Mia telling him all about the things he would learn about. (He picked up the fishing game and returned it to its nice cloth pouch so he wouldn’t lose any pieces – unprompted. He definitely likes it!)

Miss H was very excited to recieve the USA Edition with its more “grown up” filing folder and small journaling notebook. She’s big stuff now that she’s a first grader and she was definitely pleased that her box lived up to her expectations. She read me her letter from Sam and Sofia and then immediately got to work in her USA scratch book.

As we dive into the holiday season, if you’re searching for a fun, interactive gift that will keep on giving month after month for your or someone else’s kiddo, be sure to check out Little Passports! Or if you’re just looking for a fun and engaging way to include some geography into your kids’ everyday lives in a super fun way, look no further! 

Little Passports is a well-loved subscription box in this house that I foresee bringing my babes entertainment and delight for many years to come: and they’re learning geography in such an exiting way!

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