Making Memories with Milestone



Sweet M is the third kid. There is a reason that the third kid gets a rapport. By the time you get to the third (and beyond!), the days of cute pinterest ideas are over. You let them sling mud in the backyard instead of working diligently on the best crafts to insight their genius. Family photos are no longer great endeavors of picking out the most perfect, coordinating outfits and insisting on a photo where everyone is smiling fairytale-style; you settle with a bunch of mismatched kids acting like the crazy, feral, happy beasts they are, and are just happy if everyone makes into the same frame.

Miss H has an elaborate “baby book.” I use the quotes for a reason. It’s two scrapbooks – two! –of her first year of life. It’s got all the frills. It was a labor of love that only a momma of one could procure (or a momma way more organized with her time than me – it’s admittedly not my strong suit!). Also, yes there is an also, I journaled every detail of her life for the first year. Not even joking. I have a word document with dates, times (because sometimes I wrote more than once during the day – duh!) of every little burp, gurgle, and roll.

Then Mr. B came along when Miss H wasn’t quite 17 months old. I was feeling tired and a bit haggard, but I was determined to make everything about their lives fair and equal. (It took me a while to realize that fair does not equate to equal, but that’s for another day). So he has a scrapbook, but it’s only one. Not two. Boo hoo. But it’s still pretty darn elaborate. There is no daily journal of his first year of life, so I figure I just won’t tell them that one exists of Miss H’s. That makes it okay, right?

And within these scrapbooks are hundreds of pictures. Their first smiles. The days of their birth. One day old. Two days old. 163 days old. These days were big deals, yo.

But with Sweet M. No. Just no. I can’t. I won’t. But I also don’t want him to be totally without.

He has a Milestone First Photo Album, as well as a set of Milestone Baby’s First Year Photo Cards, that I couldn’t love more. It’s cute and simple and straight to the point.

The cards have all the major ages: each new month in the first year, plus major milestones such as first teeth and laugh, etc. It’s great. I can set him up with the card, click! and voila! The memory was documented and I didn’t have to spend an unprecedented amount of time writing down in great detail the accomplishment, and it’s way cuter anyway. Plus, for someone who is constantly snapping photos of her kiddos, it’s literally no extra time for me. It’s a win-win.


And his Milestone First Photo Album can be as extravagant or basic as I wish. There is a protectant sheet in between each page; so if I wanted to deck it out with fancy scrapbook stickers and really go to town, awesome! But not necessary. And it all ready comes with stickers for each of those major milestones. So I can paste the photos on, label it with a cute milestone sticker, and count it a success. Plus, it’s ridiculously adorable to boot!





And poor Sweet M might not feel quite so deprived when he looks back on his childhood and sees that his momma really did put some effort into preserving his babyhood; she was just more focused on playing with him than making it pinterest worthy this go-round. So maybe he’s actually winning this whole third kid thing.

Either way, if you’re on your first baby (or grandbaby, niece, nephew), or your 5th, go check out Milestone and spoil yourself (and your kiddo) with some adorable cards for documenting all those big achievements, and a beautiful book to preserve those memories in. (They also have cards specifically for the toddler years, twins, pregnancy, and even your wedding!)

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