Mobi Peeka Mirror


We are definitely a “less is more” family. I don’t like a lot of “stuff” unless it has a purpose that adds value to our lives. So when it comes to little babes, we don’t have a bunch of extras. They’re so happy with the entertainment of their big siblings, their feet, etc.

But one this that babies do love and we like to have are mirrors!

There is nothing better than a tiny baby looking at themselves, and Avellana is no exception! I swear with each baby we find fewer and fewer things that we need, but when we were asked to review the Mobi Peeka Mirror by Timberdoodle I was super excited because a baby mirror was on my list of things I wanted to get Ave for Christmas, and this was even sooner! (And the stuff Timberdoodle has been adding for the baby and toddler age-range this year has pretty much all been awesome!)

And this is by far my favorite baby mirror that we’ve owned because it’s so fun and versatile. It has a stand to prop it up for when she immediately rolls herself over to her tummy (see photo below for evidence), handles on the side so she can hold it herself as she gets bigger, and we can use it in the car because it’s soft and small enough to not be cumbersome (and we are driving all the way to Las Cruces in a few weeks, so it definitely be get in some good road trip hours).


It’s colorful enough to keep Ave’s attention, and has fun little beads she can move back and forth, but it’s not obnoxious colors which I really appreciate from a mom-standpoint.

Oh, did I mention that Ave is teething? Like, we were up for four solid hours last night because he mouth hurt and it was sad and pitiful. BUT the mobi peeka mirror is also a great teether. Because she can hold it and chomp. So it’s seriously one of the best baby items we currently have in our house.

This is her “hey! I’m the one who was up all night and now you’re trying to play with my tosy!” face.

So if you’re looking for something to stick in your tots stocking or wrap for under the tree, or you know, just for every day life because you have a babe, I would recommend this over and over again. It’s definitely going on my list for gift-giving for other babe’s this year since it’s definitely brought a lot of joy over here.


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