Morgan Mayhem is 3!


It’s kind of that age-old question of which came first: the chicken or the egg?

Is we Mayhem because we named him so? Or did we name him Mayhem because we knew?

It’s crazy that somehow this baby that was so deeply wanted and prayed for, literally for years is three years old. All those years of longing for him seemed like eternity, and yet the years we’ve been so blessed to have with him have utterly flown by.

He is such a fun little guy. He is full of more zest and spitfire and energy with a touch of cray cray than I ever could have predicted. And I was predicting he’d be a hand full as is.

He is a chupi-lover and doesn’t seem to be parting with that anytime soon. And J and I have made our peace with that. We wouldn’t throw out a stuffie he was deeply attached to and brought him significant comfort; we won’t do that with his pacifier, even though we always said we wouldn’t have a “big baby” with a pacifier. Oh, and is this three year old of ours so big! How humbling parenting is.


Sweet M has had such an epic third year of life. He went from beach-living on Oahu, to traipsing through Europe for a month, to moving to the Midwest.

He’s got the little brother role down pat, and is utterly attached to his big sister. He loves his big brother, but probably loves driving him crazy even more. Whoops.

And he’s learning how to be a helpful big brother to his little sister. He adores her to pieces, but is definitely having a harder time as she progresses into toddlerhood. He definitely still sees her as a baby, and wants her to be so (he is very excited to be getting another baby sibling this summer!). But he also loves her ability to play with him, and he adores teaching her new things.

He is pretty obsessed with play dough and board games. And books. So many, many books.

He loves helping his papa cook. Maybe because he seems to love eating as much as his momma.


He is starting life as a 3 year old with cool, blue glasses, and bunch of missing curls. Although I want nothing more than to turn back the clock and keep him tiny, I’m so grateful that I get to watch him grow into such a fun, creative, and spunky little boy.

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