Mr. B is 6!


My sweet first boy is 6!

I can’t believe how fast time has flown.

If we are being honest, I’ve been so exhausted as of late that I can’t believe I’m even writing right now. I want to lay down and hibernate. 


But 6 years ago I labored through the night, certain I was about to bring another sweet girl into the world whom we’d name Lennox. We never even gave boy names a thought, I was so certain he was a girl, ha.

And then in the morning I pushed out my nearly 9lb perfect baby, and kept squeaking that he was a boy. I couldn’t have been more surprised, or thrilled.

I had no idea how badly I needed a little boy. How I needed his calm, peaceful infancy. His crazy, rambunctious toddlerhood that landed us in the pediatrician’s office more times than I care to admit as he learned about gravity and his own strengths; far too hardheaded and determined to take any caution to the wind.

Being his momma has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. He’s loud and full of energy, and he’s also the calm in the big storms. 

He’s the one who still crawls into my lap, enveloping himself in my arms, unafraid to show his immense love and affection.

He is so strong and brave. He is not afraid to cry and let the world know that he has feelings and emotions. He is the boy who is more than just “boy” – he is a good, kind human that will help pave the way for other boys to know that “tough” is great, but  there is no reason to “suck it up, buttercup” just because of your gender. It’s okay to be human. In fact, it’s necessary. 

He is your stereotypical little boy who loves to rough and tumble. He likes to fight and watch action movies. He loves science and all things gross. He wants to be an FBI agent and paleontologist when not in office as President some day. 

But he also likes to paint his toenails with his sister and care for his baby doll and cuddle his baby brother and cook with his papa.

He is everything that is so good and pure and right in this world that sometimes it’s easy to forget that he’s a rare little gem because it seems so normal and natural. 

6 years ago I brought my second precious baby into the world. 

And he filled up holes in my heart I didn’t even know existed. 

I can’t wait to see what the rest of his life entails because I know this sweet, fierce, sensitive, spitfire is going to change the world. And more than just mine. 

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