Mr. B Turns Five!

Somehow we have managed to keep two kids alive and (mostly) happy for five whole years. I’m sure this will feel like an even bigger feat when it’s three kids we’ve managed this with!


I totally dropped the ball this year and Miss H didn’t have a birthday party at all. I had a six week old and J wasn’t even in the country. I mean, I could have pulled it off, but I’m not trying out for Wonder Woman’s job so I just let it go. And then made up for it by going to Chicago and visiting the American Girl store. So there is that.


Mr. B loves birthdays. What kid doesn’t? But he’s also got his momma’s introverted tendencies in him; so it can get really overwhelming pretty quickly. For this reason, I love having his birthday parties at our local splash pad and playground. He can be as involved with others as much or as little as he wants. He can play with his friends, but he can also go swing solo to recharge.

I am definitely an extroverted introvert, but I still understand that need to have calm and recharge (and I wasn’t half as outgoing as I am now, when I was B’s age!). He’s a boy of my own heart. So I know that it’s important to try and provide him that space. Which, when your kid wants a big party with all of his friends, can sometimes be tricky. But we figure it out as best as we can!

These adorable balloons are courtesy of The Balloon Box

This year, in the theme of simplifying and making things as easy as possible for myself, I tried to make his party as low key as possible. I outsourced the cupcake making to Stryking Events, and they turned out fabulous! I often enjoy making my kids’ cupcakes/cakes, but I knew that right now, I just needed to make things as easy as possible on myself; and I sure am glad I did because they were scrumptious!

I also made lunch so super easy on myself and bought a ton of lunch meat and cheese and chicken curry salad and let everyone assemble their own sandwiches. Paired with a veggie tray and some fruit, and voila! Easy peasy.

These giant dinosaur balloons are from Party Gnome


It was so awesome to have so many of our friends and family in one place, celebrating our darling little boys’ birthday. I feel like it’s taken us a long time to really find our village, but we certainly have. All these people there – they’re the people we call on when we need a hand. And they’re always ever so willing. It’s a really great feeling!

We’ve been friends since we were 7, but I’m pretty sure she likes my kids more now.


Being loved on by his Godmother.


Check out that adorableness!


So much baby love!


Making faces with Papa.



There is just so much I could say. But I’m utterly exhausted. My Mr. B is five. One whole hand full. He has helped me to grow as a person and a momma. His mere existence has made me realize my worth as a human being: when I was so low in the trenches of PPD after he was born; it was for him (and his sister) that I grew strong.

On my very worst of days his biggest bear hugs can mend my soul. When he is being especially ornery and I’m trying my hardest to be stern, his crooked little smile and tilted glasses never let me get to the point before I melt, utterly in love with him.

I’ve helped to hold him down for stitches and IV’s, which has broken my heart. I didn’t know that you could truly feel your heart break before those days. That it could literally ache.

I’ve wanted to chuck him out the window at times, and other times I’ve reduced myself to tears just by thinking about how much I love him.

He is so strong and passionate and brilliant. He’s persistent when it matters to him, and he’s not budging an inch if it doesn’t.

He’s a charmer. He can be a stranger’s best friend and at other times he won’t give his actual best friend the time of day (I get it my little introvert, I get it!).

He is playing the drum that he marches to; and it’s a beat unlike any other. He does things on his own time, at his own pace.

He is so sweet and peaceful. So loud and boisterous.

He is delightful and mischievous. He is loving and utterly loveable.

You guys. This kid is all ready so amazing; I can only imagine what else he has to offer the world. I can’t wait to watch him grow into two whole hands fulls. And then some.


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