Our Last Weeks on Oahu



It’s official.

We are mainland bound this summer. Our year on Oahu is coming to and end, and it’s the most bittersweet feeling ever.

I love this island, despite all my intentions not to do so.

I love the people.

I love the lazy beach days (every day).

I love the food (the fact that I haven’t even almost lost the baby weight from Bean is proof of that, haha!).

I love how chill I am.

But I don’t love the heat, haha.

Or the rats and mold.

Def don’t love the traffic or the absurd cost of living.

But did I mention that I love the people and the beach and the laid back vibe? Because really, that makes even the things I don’t love worth it.

I have a lot of hard and mixed feelings about leaving this island behind and returning to a place that will be equally familiar as it is foreign.

Regardless, I have to wipe my kids’ confused tears and empathize with their sadness and their joy; their deep grief of leaving their friends and island life here, their excitement to have their own rooms and return to school and be closer to family again.

And I can empathize with them. Because I have the same feelings. But it does no good to cry with them, too.

So here I am.

Planning our last weeks, loving friends hard, and handing all my stress and worry over to God because I know it will do me no good. And He has an adventure for us, and I just have to trust it for now because I certainly cannot control it.

It’s funny how a place you never wanted can become your home, and a life you hadn’t prepared for can bring you joy, even as you watch it slip through your fingers because you knew it couldn’t last in the first place.

Big changes are happening. Good things are happening. We may all cry a bit, but I have faith that what is supposed to happen will happen, even if it hurts a lot right now.

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