Read It Wednesday: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls


My older sister gifted Miss H the book “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” and it instantly became a favorite around here.

It is comprised of 100 different women from around the globe and throughout history who were strong, courageous, and changed the world in one way or another. Their stories are a brief one page each, accompanied by a beautiful portrait created by female artists. 

Miss H loves hearing about these women who did things people never expected. Women who delved into politics, or who changed the ideas of ballet. Women who lead countries, and others who found themselves stuck in a boy’s body and were eventually able to be their true selves.

Actually, Mr. B loves this book and all its stories, too. It’d be my only complaint of the whole book. Instead of “for” rebel girls it should be titled “of” because there are enough (slightly closed minded) people who might be turned off and not read it if they don’t identify as female.

And not only should girls know about these amazing women, but boys should too. So that they grow up with a normal idea and the knowledge that females are just as mighty and powerful as males. And they know about just as many amazing females in history as they do males.

I cannot recommend this book enough. It’s one you want to buy so you have it in your permanent library. And then you want to buy a few more to give to everyone you know. 

I guarantee you’ll be as captivated by this book as we are! 

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