Strengths Based Parenting – Giveaway!


What better way to kick off The Learning Momma finally having its own domain (previously located at, and I will keep that blog up for the foreseeable future) than by having a giveaway!?

Anyone who knows me knows I love books vehemently. Next to my children, they may very well be my greatest love. So it is no surprise that I absolutely love parenting books. My two greatest passions combined!

Last month my aunt gave me a book called “Strengths Based Parenting: Developing Your Children’s Innate Talents” written by Mary Reckmeyer, Ph. D. with Jennifer Robison.

Guys, it’s a winner. I devoured it in a few short days while M napped on my chest (and the big kids partook in too much TV). It discusses both parent’s and children’s innate strengths, and how to proceed, foster, and work with them in positive ways. It’s a book for your personal library that you definitely want on hand whether you are a parent, caregiver, or just want more insight to yourself!

And one of my lucky readers are going to win a copy! All you have to do is  “like” The Learning Momma on Facebook, share this post on your personal Facebook, and comment below what you feel is your best strength. One winner will be chosen next Friday, June 24th.

7 comments on “Strengths Based Parenting – Giveaway!

  1. I would have to say my biggest strength is my ability to intensely feel. I’m very intune with myself and those around me, even with animals. This can be a burden sometimes but it also allows me to really care and love deeply. On a different note, I’m excited for this new venture for you and your family! Kudos!

  2. My biggest strength as a parent is my ability to not dwell on things, if I have a bad day I’m easily able to just forget about it and carry on.

  3. My biggest strength is having the mental capacity to “be all in”. Whether that’s coaching the kids or making treats for school – if I say I’ll do it, count on it to be done.

  4. I believe my biggest strength is patience. My daughter is 1 1/2 and boy does she have quite an attitude jam packed tight in that tiny little body!

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