Sweet M’s Favorite Blanket – Austin Tie Dye Co.


Sweet M has a rhythm and routine down when it comes to falling asleep. It doesn’t mean he sleeps well or for long stretches, ha, but he is a boy who knows exactly what he wants.

And what Sweet M wants is a blanket on his cheek and a dummy in his mouth. Every. Single. Time.


Third baby and still full of surprises. Wouldn’t change a blessed thing about this kid.

My absolute favorite blankets are muslin, due to them being so lightweight and breathable, and also extremely versatile.

Baby likes to be swaddled? Check! Need a breathable nursing cover or sunshade for babe? Check! Need to throw a blanket down to change babe or let them kick and play for a bit? Check! Big kids need a quick cape? Check! Someone just needs a snuggly by their face to sleep? Check!


So it’s no surprise that we have a handful of muslin blankets.

I also super love bamboo material. It’s so incredibly soft. If you’ve never touched some before, do. Do it now. You will not regret it; it’s so lovely!


Bamboo is also very eco-friendly. It grows nearly anywhere, and quickly to boot (up to 6 feet a day!). It’s also takes only 1/3 the water it takes to grow cotton, and is pretty much all organic. That being said, turning bamboo into fabric isn’t quite as eco-friendly. But you can’t win ’em all sometimes.

I recently discovered the Austin Tie Dye Co. and their amazing muslin bamboo swaddle blankets. You guys. Two of my greatest loves got together and produced these bad boys. There are no words.

And they’re hand dyed to boot. These blankets are singing love songs to my soul!


And to Sweet M’s. Because guess what has quickly become his favorite blanket to snuggle and sleep with? I can’t even make this up. If I grab another blanket and he can see his Austin Tie Dye Co. blanket he will fuss and flail until I swap blankets. This boy knows luxury when he feels it; and he’s not going back now that he’s known it!

Even Miss H knows how much he prefers this blanket to all others and will grab it or remind me to when we are headed out for a long and busy day. It’s just not worth chancing it without anymore.


These blankets are definitely going on my baby must-haves list, and will certainly be gifts for future friends’ babies and my someday nieces and nephews. They are so luxurious and affordable, and there is nothing better than buying from small businesses. Plus, Rebecca, the owner of the Austin Tie Dye Co. is so sweet and easy to work with! Seriously, if you’re looking for a baby gift for someone else or for your own babe, Sweet M highly recommends Austin Tie Dye Co. muslin bamboo, hand dyed blankets.


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