The Holidays in Minnesota


This year we spent the holidays in Minnesota at my dad’s house so that we could spend time with him, as well as my niece and sister in law visiting from California.

Despite having made the firm declaration before H was born that my kids would wake up every Christmas morning in their own house, I’m a sucker for family and can rarely say no. I want for my children to experience all those precious moments and have memories of those family experiences. 

Although most people who know me rarely believe it, I’m a big introvert. Seems kind of comical for a lady who comes from a big family and chooses of her own volition to have a “big” family (I don’t think 3 kids is big, but lots of people have classified us that way, ha). 

Fortunately there are these moments, when I get to sneak away to some solitude in the name of sleep for my youngest. 

Miss H and Mr. B have truly delighted in spending time with their cousin. Sometimes the very best gift you can give someone is time. And I’m truly thankful they get this time. 

The kids got to enjoy an excellent indoor park while here. I got hit with one of the worst stomach bugs I’ve ever experienced in my life, and the day after my dad and sister in law acquired the same bug. So we whisked the kids out for the day in hopes that they could have some peace and rest.

Great Times Park is located in Eagan, MN, and I’m telling you, it’s an absolute shame we don’t have one of these at home. I’d utilize it regularly.

I believe strongly in being outside as often as possible, but sometimes even with correct attire, we just don’t want to be out in the wet or cold. So this truly is a brilliant idea.

We still have one more day left, and I’m so excited for my kids to experience the Mall of America. But I’m also ready for the boss baby to have his king sized bed back. As Miss H said, “Bobo is awfully tiny but he takes up a lot of room.”

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