The Nutcracker, and Time


One of the most challenging aspects of parenting is, without a doubt, time. Even if you only have one kiddo, there will seemingly never be enough time. Whether you’re an at home parent, you work outside the home, whatever.

Time is simply vengeful. And I find that the more kidlets we have, the more precious our time truly is. It’s hard to get very much 1:1 time. Sometimes I see it as a curse. Other times I view it as a blessing. Because my kids genuinely are so selfless. They know the world doesn’t revolve around them because they each have three other siblings and there just isn’t space or time for the world to be about them.

That doesn’t mean we don’t strive to spend 1:1 time with them. We do. Not only because they need it – of course they do! – but J and I also need and desire that time with them. It’s so special, and they are each so uniquely special and precious to us. Even though we don’t want them to be self-centered, we do want them to know that they are amazing, important, wonderful humans who are so deeply loved and cherished.

Because of the age gap between the boys (4.5 years), we often split them up as the “bigs” and “littles.” And sometimes that means we get to enjoy time with a “set” of them, as opposed to just one of them. And that’s always really fun, too!

Miss H and Mr. B both had friends performing in IU’s The Nutcracker Ballet this year, and they both wanted to attend. I had been in the past with just H, but this was the first time that both J and B also came along, and it made for such an enjoyable experience.


They were excited to get all dolled up and have a grown up night away from the babies, where they feasted on cookies and hot cocoa before the show.


They both watched the entire performance completely intrigued and devoted, even though it began at their normal bedtime (yes, yes, they do go to bed fairly early in fairness). B started to droop at the end, his little eyelids heavy, but overall I’d say it was a success, and reminiscent of our pre-M days when we attended musicals and shows with Miss H and Mr. B quite frequently.

It was a lot of fun to spot their friends dancing and recognize all the Nutcracker music the kids didn’t realize they actually all ready knew.

I love seeing what independent, selfless kiddos we are raising. I also love being with them so much it almost hurts. I never dreamt I’d just thoroughly enjoy these kids the way I do. And as time has slipped us by so quickly, funny how that happens, I hope I’m forever mindful of the time I have with them. Sure to make it quality. Sure to be present, not just there. Because they are so worth it.

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