When J is out of town I typically have crazy insomnia. This time, it’s the opposite. I can hardly keep myself awake!

I have fallen asleep for the night before 8:30 pm since he left. I never sleep that early.

Of course this would be the case when I had completely stoked myself out that I would try to gently coax Bean back to sleep every other wake up or so without the boob. It’s crazy how a baby can go to falling asleep all on her own and sleeping in 4-5 hours stretches to…not. When she sleeps for a solid two hours these days I call it a miracle.

Oh well, she will get there when she gets there, just like all the others before her.

I’m really trying to cherish our time left on the island. Our movers come June 28th. Eep.

There is still a possibility that we will remain here for up to 6 months after that, but as of right now, there are no papers signed. So it’s not a thing until it is.

And then we head to Europe on the 4th of July for an epic adventure.

J and I had planned to return to Paris for our 10 year wedding anniversary back before we were even married. It’s where he proposed. It’s beautiful.

No, we aren’t at 10 years yet, we still have another year for that. But one of my dear friends is getting married in Germany in July so we bumped it all up a year.

There is still lots of planning to do, but the flights are all finalized – Germany, Spain, France, and England – so I’m feeling really good about it. And we don’t get a lot of time for all of us together, especially since living on Oahu where J is always working 10-12 hours days, so a whole month of us is sounding really awesome.

But for now we are loving this paradise we are so lucky to live in, and drinking up one another and this beautiful island.

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